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NordVPN vs ExpressVPN: Who Provides The Best Service?

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Nowadays there are lots of different companies out there that offer VPN services. Nord VPN vs Express VPN, With there being so much choice, it can be difficult to establish which of them provide their users with the best service. It is for that very reason that we are taking a look at these two competitors and establishing which one of them provides the best service. As well as looking at what customer service measures they have in place, we will also look at a number of other factors that are also important in deciding which VPN provides the best service. For a full on comparison between these two VPNs, you can find more information at Privacy Spark.

Customer Service Support

In terms of customer service support, there is no one of these two companies that perform better than the other. They both provide their customers with round the clock technical support. They each adopt a ticket system for every user enquiry that is sent in and so none of these are ever missed as a result. We tested NordVPN and ExpressVPN by sending them each the same enquiry. Although it was NordVPN that responded fastest, their response seemed like it was something that was simply copy and pasted, whereas the one given by ExpressVPN was very precise, whilst also being personal at the same time.

With NordVPN, users are able to connect as many as six different devices to their service at any one time. This is slightly more than ExpressVPN, which allows users to connect just five devices. It should be noted that this is somewhat below the industry standard of ten simultaneous device connections.


When it comes to security features, both NordVPN and ExpressVPN have plenty of them that work to keep their users well protected whilst online. These include the likes of a no log policy, which both companies adhere to. Because the NordVPN server is based in Panama, they are actually prohibited by law to share any of their users’ activity logs.

Payment for their service can also be made with Bitcoin, thus enabling their users to remain anonymous, even when paying for it. ExpressVPN too allows their customers to pay for their service with Bitcoins and because they are based in the British Virgin Island, they are also prohibited to share any of their user’s activity logs with anyone. Nord VPN vs Express VPN can be paid for on either a monthly or annual basis, but their prices do differ somewhat.

For example, a month’s subscription to NordVPN costs $11.95, whereas ExpressVPN charges a dollar more at $12.95 per month. For a year’s subscription to NordVPN the monthly cost comes down to just $6.99, whereas for ExpressVPN it comes down to just $8.32 per month.

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