Northeast India Film Festival Wraps Up in Manipur After Five Days

The North East India Film Festival (NEIFF 2024) concluded in Imphal, with Garo film ‘Rapture’ winning the best film award. Chief guest M. Joy Singh praised the filmmakers for their unique perspectives. Assamese films also received awards at the festival, organized by THOUNA in collaboration with various organizations.

The five-day North East India Film Festival (NEIFF 2024) came to a close at the Palace Auditorium of the Manipur State Film Development Society in Imphal on Thursday. Chief guest M. Joy Singh, Commissioner of the Information and Public Relations Department, commended the festival as a journey into human experience through diverse filmmaking perspectives in the northeast region.

Garo film ‘Rapture’ directed by Dominic Sangma was honored with the best film award, while Haobam Paban Kumar received the best director award for the Manipuri film ‘Joseph’s Son’. Other awardees included Parthajit Baruah for Best Screenplay, Jayant Sethu Mathavan for Best Cinematography, Kuldip Baruah for Best Editing, and Amrit Pritam and Debajit Changmai for Best Sound in their respective categories.

Assamese films ‘Before Spring’ and ‘Ata Nirjon Duporiya’ were also recognized at the festival, with special jury and special mention awards. Naga folk-blues singer Guru Rewben Mashangva was awarded for his performance in ‘Joseph’s Son’. The festival was organized by THOUNA, Manipur, in collaboration with several organizations under the patronage of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Manipur State Film Development Society.


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