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'Now you will perform for people in heaven': Anupam Kher remembers Pankaj Udhas




'Now you will perform for people in heaven': Anupam Kher remembers Pankaj Udhas

Veteran actor Anupam Kher expressed his grief on the demise of singer Pankaj Udhas. The actor posted a video tribute on Instagram, where he fondly remembered the ghazal legend. Kher described Udhas as a wonderful person, soft-spoken, loving, and always smiling.

In the video, Kher reminisced about the times he met Udhas and how the singer always had a smile on his face. He mentioned their chance encounters on flights and how Udhas’ departure has left a void in the industry. Kher also mentioned how Udhas will now be singing for his father and friend in heaven.

“Pankaj Udhas ji. Why do some people leave like this? There are some people whom you seldom meet but every time you’ve met them, you have beautiful memories of them,” said Kher in the video. He also expressed sadness at the sudden departure of Udhas and stated, “This should not have happened. You feel alone all the more when your contemporaries leave suddenly like this.”


Kher concluded the tribute by mentioning how Udhas’ music will be missed and how the industry has lost a great talent. The actor’s heartfelt tribute to Pankaj Udhas showcases the impact the singer had on those around him and the void his absence has created in the industry.

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