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Obnoxious Video by Youtuber ‘Kuwari Begum’ Teaches Young How To Sexually Abuse Infants, Booked And Arrested

A woman identified as Shikha Metray from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad also going by the name ‘Kuwari Begum’ had uploaded a highly objectionable YouTube Video teaching how to sexually abuse intent.

After the video went viral, the YouTuber changed her YouTube profile private so that access to her content was negated and no one could view the content she uploaded. Her social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram are also not accessible.

The video begins with the YouTuber answering a question from one of her followers who seems to have asked about different tricks to masturbate. She answers that she would have known better if she had a Di%*#.

She goes on, “First identify a newborn. Tell her mom that I want to take them to play with me. Then you just have to take out the kid and do something. If I would have a L**d, I would have tried it. Wao!,”

 “Kuwari Begum” claims that she is a gamer on YouTube but investigations revealed that in the guise of a gamer, she has been uploading explicit content on the platform. Her social media handles are full of vulgar, offensive, and dark content which are not suitable for adolescents or the young.

If reports are to be believed, the woman’s entire channel is full of porn content.

Some X users have been able to view the content that the YouTuber had uploaded before the profile was changed to private.

The X user @Gagan_772 in a post said,

“I checked her entire channel its all about P*run and sexual stuff but no gaming. When it is a gaming channel playing Valorant. How it is fine and a girl talks about all these things but if a guy talks about all these he goes into jail.”

“Please don’t make it a joke of rap*ng an infant and making it look very normal. It’s beyond normal and there is nothing you can explain to defend yourself. And how are you in this gaming community doing all these?”

Some X users have also tagged Police in their comments and demanded Metray’s arrest.

“Pls arrest her ASAP,” wrote an X user @iam_mukulsingh.

“Madam plz don’t stop till she is arrested. Keep us updated,” said another.

Popular Men’s rights activist, Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, revealed that the YouTuber was a NIFT Graduate and she has tagged the Ghaziabad police and also demanded action from National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) chief Priyank Kanoongo.

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