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Obsidian Stone: Here’s How This Mineraloid Will Being Positivity In Your House

There is a bounty of different types of crystals and their benefits to be accrued. Most crystals help to balance the different kinds of Chakras which are present in our bodies. These crystals have a positive effect on our bodies, help to remove negative energies from the surroundings, and increase positive energy.

One such crystal which has been used since time immemorial is the grounding mineraloid Obsidian. Today we will study the benefits a person can accrue by wearing this mineraloid.

The stone Obsidian is a general term that includes several stones of different hues and colors with varying properties. Chemically it is a hard glass that is formed naturally. Here are a few commonly occurring Obsidian stones.

Black, Silver, And Gold Obsidian

Obsidian Stone

Black Obsidian is the most commonly occurring natural stone. The stone has a black color which can also acquire traces of minerals which gives it colored hues that include silver or gold tints. Most commonly the colored Obsidian occurs in areas where there are a lot of volcanic activities. It includes countries of Central America like Mexico or Guatemala.

There are a lot of fables related to the gold-tinted Obsidian and one such story is that a woman lost her man in a war and the tears that she shed while pining for her love were turned into the gold-hued Obsidian.

Rainbow Sheen Obsidian

Another rare form of the stone is the rainbow-sheened obsidian. It can feature any color of the spectrum and is cut in a way to expose the different layers of colors. The colors can range from green, purple, and sometimes blue, which is rare.

Peacock, Snowflake, And Mahogany Obsidian

Some other rare forms of the stone are Peacock, mahogany, or Snow Flake obsidian. Unlike other forms of Obsidian, these forms of the stone have color hues as specs instead of layers or bands. The peacock variety has colors that resemble the feathers of a peacock while the snowflake variety has small outgrowths which are white colored and resemble snowflakes. It looks strikingly beautiful because of the contrasting effect of the white flecks against a black-colored background. And lastly, mahogany obsidian looks marbled black with red or brown.

Properties & Benefits


Often the stone is used for grounding and connecting the body and soul with the earth. It aids in becoming self-aware, knowing one’s inner strengths, and increasing self-confidence. The stone augments positive energy and negates negative energy.


Snowflake obsidian, with its contrasting black speckled with white, represents balance and helps to keep the mind of the wearer stable and helps to balance his duality. It is just like keeping a balance between the person and his shadow.


The Peacock-hued Obsidian is especially beneficial for artists and artisans. It helps the person become more creative and opens new avenues of dream work.

Removes Undesirable Energy

The stone is a perfect panacea for the ill effects caused by the negative energies around us. Wearing the stone will help the negative energy to be conducted into Earth and draw positive energy. The stone also helps to keep all the chakras in our body functioning correctly. Keeping the stone in the house will remove all traces of negativity, and maintain peace and tranquility.

In feng shui

The stone is widely employed in Feng Shui and the color of the stone is compared with the color on the feng shui bagua map. For Example, if the color is black as per the map it must be kept at the entrance of your house. It corresponds to the career and will help the wearer achieve new heights of glory and position.

As already mentioned, the stone helps to establish a connection with Earth and is great for grounding when the person is meditating. The stone must be placed in the palm of your hand while meditating and while traveling keep it in a small bag attached to your root chakra.

For divination

Often Obsidian is used as a sphere and kept along with other deities. It is also used as a conductor for Reiki practices and for crystal gazing. The stone is also being used as a mirror since time memorial and Egyptian and British monarchs often considered it as a mirror for luck and positive energy.

Lokendra Deswar

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