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Odisha Bandh On July 19, 2022: Check The Cause Of Shutdown, The Suicide of BJB College Student Ruchika

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Odisha Bandh: On July 19, 2022, the Naba Nirman Krushak Sangathan (NNKS) and its undergraduate branch, the Navnirman Yuva Chhatra Sangathan (NYCS), proposed a bandh in Odisha (Tuesday).

To get fairness for a student of BJB College, named Ruchika Mohanty, who is believed to have attempted suicide, the team has decided to perform the bandh in Odisha.

Odisha Bandh On July 19, 2022: Support For Odisha Bandh By Politicians

Elected politicians have been urged by NNKS Akshaya Kumar, the convenor to show their support for the bandh call by taking part in the demonstration.

Several days have passed since the scenario of the student’s death, according to the leader, police still don’t have any leads in this case.

Even though the girl referenced ragging in her suicide letter, the police have thrown out ragging as the cause of her death. Police officers forcibly removed the victim’s mother from her dharna while she was still there.

Ruchika’s Story

On July 2, Ruchika, a native of Athagarh in the Cuttack region, was found unresponsive on a bed within the college’s dormitory with a rope encircling her neck.

Ruchika is thought to have penned a message, which was discovered next to the body. She was depressed, according to the note, since three of her seniors had been torturing and berating her nonstop. In the note, the trio is accused of leading to death. The deceased has not, however, disclosed the students’ identities.

Odisha Bandh 19th July 2022
Ruchika’s Suicide Letter in Odia Language

The Summary: Ruchika has clearly stated that three of her seniors tortured her to the extent that she could not think of anything else but suicide. She mentioned her family, she hailed from a poor family in Athagarh, and her parents couldn’t have sustained the fact that she couldn’t fight it. She was helpless and wrote that the three seniors can never live happily as they have caused tears in her parents’ eyes.

Ruchika also claimed that she was a UPSC aspirant. All her dreams have been shattered. She could not withstand the harsh scenario anymore thus, planned to give up. However, she mentioned in the letter that, none of her roommates or family members are responsible for the suicide, except the three seniors. However, she didn’t reveal the names of those three seniors.

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