Olivia Rodrigo Faces Major Oops Moment During Live Show, With A Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions are very common when it comes to live performances and ramp walks. This is not the first time celebrities have had wardrobe issues while they are performing live. Olivia Rodrigo has now become the new victim of a wardrobe issue.

Olivia Rodrigo Faces Wardrobe Malfunction During Live Show

So she is on her tour right now and Olivia went through a little oops moment.

While she was performing the song, “Love Is Embarrassing”, her top broke from the back and it was a little too weird. Olivia figured it out and ran towards her background dancers to help her out.

The best part of it was when she realized her boyfriend’s parents were in the crowd as well.

She also sang along while the whole wardrobe fiasco was going on.

Olivia intuitively jinxed up the lyrics of her song to match the situation, which also surprisingly matched the whole spirit of her and the crowd out there.

She sang, “This is embarrassing!”

Netizens online are having fun dealing with situations.

They are giving her the kudos to continue with the song and her performance.

She was wearing a bandeau top, and those types have their name to break out of the blue. Her dance and choreography were so energetic that the top had no choice but to do so. Rodrigo is currently doing her Vampire concert and touring all over the world.

Some of the duties she has already performed include Palm Springs, Calif., New York City, and Toronto. Well, we must give her kudos for handling the situation in front of millions of people like the pro she is!

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