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WATCH: Omah Lay’s Sensual Dance at Concert with female fan on ‘Bend You’ Goes Viral



WATCH: Omah Lay's Sensual Dance At Concert with female fan on 'Bend You' Goes Viral

Omah Lay is currently a topic of debate and controversy online.

It is a very common act for fans to be pulled up on stage to share a dance with their idol for a song. Omah also tried to do that but fell into a c scandal.

He called up a fan girl on stage during the song, ‘Bend You’, and for just a fun evening, the dance turned into something sensual and kind of NSFW.


The viral part was the girl’s boyfriend was also in the crowd; he was seen shaking his head, disparaging her actions.

Omah Lay’s Sensual Dance With Fafa

As netizens mostly aren’t happy with her act, the girl is getting called out for disrespecting her boyfriend just for sharing a dance with her favorite singer.

Later, after the dance was over, some of the fans in the venue wanted Omah to give the girl he danced with a shoutout.


After knowing her name, he yelled, ‘Fafa, I love you,’ and appreciated her being there.

Omah Ley’s Love Life

In one of his interviews in 2023, he mentioned that he loves love! However, he did not receive it as well as he would like from a partner of his. He is grateful for the love he receives daily from his family and his fans.

But according to him, that void of a partner in his life is still empty, showcasing his depth towards emotional decency and relationships.


Netizens React

Coming back to Fafa and his dance, though, fans and audiences are not happy with their behavior.

Some think Omah should not have been so sexual during his show, and some feel the girl is to be blamed for hurting her boyfriend.

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