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A Killer Headphones for Gamers Under Rs. 3500! | Also Get 10% OFF!

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Welcome back, guys, to get you another review of the headphones from OneOdio. It is the OneOdio Pro G gaming wired headphones. Today, we will talk about the OneOdio headphones made for gamers who use headphones for prolonged use. They are known for their low price range but pretty good quality headphones. Aren’t you excited to see what these headphones all about? Read the full article and stick around!

The build quality of OneOdio Pro 50 DJ Headphones

Now you might be wondering where are the wires on these non-Bluetooth headphones. They just come entirely separate and are actually detachable, which is quite likable. It also comes with two different cables. One cable has a one-way 3.5-millimeter jack that works as the microphone’s connector, which is on another side. So you get the most use out of on one side you have a 6.3-millimeter jack. On the other side, you have a 3.5-millimeter jack. It’s quite a long cable, about two meters in length when the coil is stretched.

The main thing that you might like about this self compared to other headphones, which have non-detachable wires, is that you can buy a new one and still use your headphones if the cable breaks. Whereas if you break the cable of other cable-attached headphones, they’re pretty much done.

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The sound quality of these gaming headphones

Now though these things are labeled as gaming headphones, they have an impedance of 32 ohms. So they’re going to be suitable for plugging into anything more potent than your pc or console without losing any audio quality.

It really sounds so good. The bass is pretty decent. You may think it wasn’t going to be that great, but it’s very clear. Everything from pop, hip-hop to metal to podcasts and youtube videos sound perfect on these things.

When it comes to sound quality for the price, you really can’t fault these. The bass sounds good. There’s no distortion. All say pretty well. The OneOdio Pro G sounds absolutely fantastic. It has such a great overall sound.

OneOdio Pro G Gaming Headphones

What will you get inside the box?

We should let you know what you will get inside the box:

  • The headphones, 
  • A premium carrying pouch,
  • Two different cables and,
  • A user manual.

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Why should you consider OneOdio Pro G Gaming Wired Headphones?

There are many reasons to select this pair of gaming headphones and add them to the cart. Let’s see them in a list: 

  • Great Value: undoubtedly, you will get the best value for money aspect ratio if you buy these headphones. There are no other brands available in this category to provide such a great value.
  • Incredible Sound: After talking about the great value it is providing, There is no need to mention how excellent it is to offer amazing sounds.
  • Excellent Portability: Having portable cables is one of the most effective things that indirectly push these headphones to another level of portability
  • Better After Sell Service: They are providing two years warranty which is more than the expectation as compared to its competitors.
OneOdio Pro G Review


If you are in a budget limitations as well as looking for a pair of killer gaming headphones and something which is very, very similar to other high-end headphones when it comes to audio quality, you might as well go with the OneOdio Pro G. Also, the Pro G does have enjoyable features which some people will find very useful. Use the “UNIQUE10%” coupon code to get a 10% discount on the purchase.

The fact that the cable is detachable, you don’t need an adapter, a very handy feature to have in a set of headphones. The build quality is decent, and the color scheme is quite nice. You will be pretty happy with these headphones if you’re looking for some good quality headphones where you don’t have the cash to splurge on some expensive choices. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Pro Gs.

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