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Online Bingo & Sports Betting in India Fab or Fad?

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Online bingo is great. Online sports betting are awesome. 

People around the world enjoy online bingo and sports betting every single day.

Lately, many of the world’s top bingo and sports betting sites have started accepting players from India.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how to enjoy these two activities, this article is for you.

Online Bingo is a Hit with Indians

Indians love online bingo. Chiefly because it’s identical to Tambola, a bingo-like game that is very popular in India. People in India – regardless of their age – never mind playing a game or two of Tambola.

So, when online bingo brands started accepted players from India, it became an instant hit with Indians.

Other factors contribute to the popularity of online bingo in India.

Online bingo is easy to play.

It’s easy because there are no skills involved. You just need to buy yourself some tickets for a game. 

When the game begins, the numbers on your tickets are marked against the numbers called in the game. If the required numbers are marked on your ticket, you win the prize.

It’s not new to Indians.

Indians have been playing Tambola which has many similarities with 90-ball bingo. Therefore, they are familiar with bingo.

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It’s great for having fun and winning a few quick bucks.

Another reason why Indians play online bingo is that it’s fun and it offers a great opportunity to win a few quick bucks.

Online bingo lets you socialize with other players by chatting inside a bingo room. Indians are sweet by nature. They quickly win hearts and make friends.

It’s rewarding because online bingo offers great prizes and freebies like free cash bonuses. 

If you haven’t played online bingo yet, try it today. Join a bingo site and discover why people love bingo so much. Get the list of best bingo sites in India now and start having fun.

Indians Love Online Sports Betting 

Just like online bingo, Indians love online sports betting, too. 

Sports betting are not new to Indians. People in India have been betting on horse racing for decades.

An online sport betting is quickly becoming popular in India because of several reasons.

Betting sites accept the Indian rupee.

The betting sites that accept players from India accept Indian Rupee as a payment method. This makes it very easy for Indian players to keep track of their spending and winnings.

International bookmakers accept payments through e-wallets from India.

It’s difficult for sports bettors in India to deposit money to international sports betting sites. Sometimes payments get declined in case of debit cards, credit cards, or online fund transfers. Such is not the case with e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, etc. Indian players use digital wallets for depositing and withdrawing. It’s completely safe.

Indian players can bet on many sports other than horse racing.

Multinational sports betting sites let players from India place bets on dozens of sports. Players are not limited to horse racing alone.

A sport betting is a great online activity. To try it today, take your pick from the top 10 sport betting sites at You’ll love every bit of sports betting.

Are Online Bingo and Online Sports Betting Illegal in India?

Gambling is a state subject in India. Therefore, each state has its own gambling laws. For example, Goa, Daman, and Sikkim are three Indian states where gambling is permitted. Sikkim even offers online lottery to players throughout India. 

India has the Information Technology Act 2000 that regulates cyber activities in India. It does not mention the words ‘gambling’ or ‘betting’ anywhere.

Let’s save the full discussion on the legality of gambling in India for another day. Right now, offshore gambling providers (companies that are not based in India) can offer games to Indians if they accept the Indian rupee as a payment method.

By the way, the states of Maharashtra, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh have banned online gambling. It’s a punishable offense. Still, the rest of India can enjoy it.

If you’re still concerned, here’s a tip. A bingo or sports betting site won’t accept you if it’s illegal to gamble online in your jurisdiction.

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Final Thoughts

The duo of online bingo and sports betting in India is fab, not fad. Indians love it. Both activities have a great future in India.

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