OnlyFans Creator, Laura Muller Goes ‘full throttle with two hot guys,’ Gets Netizens Hyped

Laura Muller is a well-known content creator on OnlyFans.

She is known because of her quirks and the adult content she tends to shoot for her fans and followers online.

She has had many erotic content which she has posted online, leading her to gain more fans and followers, resulting in traction online.

OnlyFans Creator, Laura Muller Goes ‘full throttle with two hot guys’

Well, Laura Muller has now done something which is way out of her comfort zone and is now freaking happy about it. ‘

Laura posted a picture on her Instagram profile, and there she was seen wearing a black lacey lingerie set on the bed, and beside her were two young bulky buffed up guys.

She also hinted in her caption that she has done ‘it,’ which is an obvious hint that it will be posted on her OnlyFans account.

“I dared and shot my first clip! You know where there is exclusive material,”

her caption states.

Her subscribers are excited to check out the content she decided to release already.

Something that got more and more attention of her followers is the fact that her husband is also in on this whole thing.

Her husband, Wendler, has also posted the picture on his profile and is now promoting the video that his wife is about to post.

“Laura has finally dared and is going full throttle with two hot guys,”

is what Wendler posted.

Wendler has also stated in his caption that his wife has dared to do something that he’s very spiced up about.

Many fans and followers online are hyped to check out what she will post. But some of them are also bummed out about the couple doing things like that.

They seem not happy that Laura is taking pictures and content like this just because her husband has stopped earning.

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