Onlyfans Star Vanesa Villagrán: Why Is Kiko’s Daughter Trending on Social Media?

Carlos Villagrán is internationally renowned for portraying the character Kiko in the famous television series “El Chavo del 8.”

Little is known about his personal life. It is known that in his youth, he was involved with many women and he has a total of seven children.

Among these children, Vanesa Villagrán is notable for her work as an OnlyFans model and for the serious health issue she is facing.

Vanesa was diagnosed with cancer on June 6, a revelation that she and her family found very surprising.

She consulted approximately six oncologists and was frequently at the hospital, seeking various kinds of advice, uncertain of where to find solace following the grave news of her illness.


“No reprocho nada y estoy muy agradecida por todo el amor y cariño que recibo de mi familia”

English Translation:

“I don’t reproach anything and am very grateful for all the love and affection I receive from my family,”

she stated on her Instagram account.

Vanesa Villagrán has not disclosed the type of cancer she has but confirmed that she is stable and undergoing medical treatment.

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Who is Vanesa Villagrán?

She is an OnlyFans model who typically does not share details of her private life on social media. However, a few months ago, she mentioned that she has a 14-year-old daughter.

In recent years, she has worked as a social media coordinator and manager for her father.

On her Instagram account, she has over 86.6 thousand followers, while on X (formerly known as Twitter), she has more than 14 thousand followers.

Her OnlyFans account is quite popular, with a monthly subscription costing around 185 Mexican pesos.

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