Onyx Gemstone Benefits: Know How Wearing This Powerful Stone Can Change Your Life

Onyx is a very powerful gemstone that can open the doors of prosperity and wealth for any person who wears it after proper astrological considerations. Onyx gemstone is very popular due to its color and beauty and purported positive effects. The stone can be placed at the workplace and it will definitely give a boost to your career. The stone reduces negativity and fills the wearer with a new aura of self-confidence and prosperity. The stone is also an alternative to Emerald and can become a substitute.

Any person must be very careful while choosing any gemstone. Often the gemstone if incorrectly donned without proper astrological advice can have devastating effects. Therefore it is highly recommended that Onyx or as a matter of fact any other Gemstone must be worn only after expert astrological advice. Stones have inexhaustible possibilities by contributing to the prosperity and augmenting the intellect of the wearer. Today we are going to discuss the Onyx gemstone and the stone is related to the intellect and trade and commerce because the master of this gemstone is mercury.

How to identify the original Onyx

Onyx Gemstone Benefits

Onyx is easily distinguishable by its shine and distinct hue. The quality of the stone and its price are set by the shine and the hue that the stone acquires. The stone must be shiny, without any fissures and clarity are some of the qualities which decide the price and quality of the gemstone. The stone when cut must acquire a diamond-like luster and the ray of light must suffer multiple internal reflections to give the distinct glow. The stone must not contain any traces of impurity which give it a tinge of another color and the purity of the color is very important.

Benefits of Wearing Onyx

The stone is believed to be beneficial for the circulatory system, Urinary system, Nervous system, and Sensory organs, particularly the eyes and skin. The stone is believed to prevent instances of repeated nightmares. The stone also helps to prevent insomnia and sleep disturbances.

The stone is a powerful conductor and helps to spread positivity and remove evil thoughts in the wearer.  The stone is believed to improve communication skills, an important addendum in commerce and business. The stone is a must for traders and businessmen since it brings clarity in vision and an ability to take prompt and correct decisions which will have far-reaching and positive consequences. Wearing the stone helps the person to become a shrewd and clever businessman. 

Suitability of Onyx Stone for Different Zodiac Signs

As per Astrology, Onyx Gemstone is most beneficial for persons of the Zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. Both the zodiac signs are ruled by the planet Mercury and the Onyx gemstone is most influenced by planet Mercury. Apart from this, persons with zodiac signs Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius can also wear Onyx. But Aries, Cancer, and Scorpio should not wear Onyx at all.

However, it is recommended that before wearing the gemstone, expert astrological advice must be obtained. There are many intricacies that can be gauged only by a trained and knowledgeable astrologer. In today’s world, there is no dearth of half-baked astrologers who claim big things but do not have anything in substance to show. Hence it is very important to get advice from a well-established astrologer.

The stone can also be worn by a person in whom Mercury is placed in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth position. However, if Mercury is placed in a lower position such a person must not wear the Onyx stone.

Rules for Wearing Onyx Gemstone

The Onyx gemstone must always be embedded in a ring made of silver and must be worn on the smallest finger of the right hand. The stone must be worn on Wednesday which is the day of Planet Mercury. Prior to wearing the Onyx gemstone, it must be dipped in holy Ganges water overnight along with Honey, Sugar crystals, and Cow Milk. The stone must be removed and cleaned before wearing it on Wednesday after exposing it for some time to the Sun. The sloka ‘Om Bum Budhay Namah’ Mantra must be recited 108 times while wearing the gemstone.

The stone can also be worn embedded in bangles or a talisman. However, the stone must touch the skin of the person for the best effects.

The Onyx gemstone is available in different shades of green of varying degrees from dark green to a shade of yellow. The stone is widely worn and believed to exert a number of positive effects on the wearer. The stone is best known to remove toxins from the body and maintain the right balance between fluids of the body. The easy availability of the stone and affordability of the stone makes it a preferred lucky gemstone for the common man. 

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