ChatGPT-4o: OpenAI Rolls Out Faster and Enhanced Version for Free and Paid Users; Deets Inside

ChatGPT-4o has been added to the world of AI as launched recently by OpenAI. ChatGPT-4o is a flagship model, a modified version of the existing ChatGPT-4.

The recent addition improves “capabilities across text, vision, and audio” by being a “much faster” model. 

In the live announcement on Monday, Mira Murati, the CEO of OpenAI, stated that the newly launched ChatGPT-4o will be free for all. 

As per Murati, the paid subscribers of the AI model will continue to enjoy up to five times the capacity limits to that of the free users. 

Anyone with an OpenAI API account can access GPT-4o. This newly launched model can be used in Batch API, Assistants API, and Chat Completions API. 

GPT-4o also supports the JSON mode and function calls. 

What is GPT-4o?

GPT-4o, where “o” stands for Omni, is a newly launched revolutionary AI model. It has been developed to make the interaction between computers and humans better. 

GPT-4o allows users to give input in any combination of image, audio, and text formats receiving responses in the same formats. 

Thus, GPT-4o is regarded as a significant jump from previous models, making it a multimodal AI model. 

Technology behind GPT-4o

GPT-4o is built with LLMs acting as the backbone of AI chatbots. A myriad of data and inputs are fed into the model. 

The ET reported, that GPT-4o, unlike its predecessors, requires a “single model trained end-to-end across various modalities” to handle various tasks, in the form of audio, vision, and text. 

The CTO also elucidated the voice mode on models existing in the market. It is the amalgamation of text-to-speech, intelligence, and transcription. However, with GPT-4o, everything happens naturally. 

GPT-4o Availability

The newly launched GPT-4o will be launched for public use in stages. Free users are holding on to some services on ChatGPT like the rollout of image and text capabilities. 

 Selected partners and developers have ensured that the video and audio functionalities will be taken care of gradually. They will ensure that all the modalities, (vision, text-to-speech, and voice) meet the required safety standards before full release.

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