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Ozone therapy introduced to speed up recovery of Covid-19 patients

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Ozone therapy is recently introduced by doctors to speed up the recovery of COVID19 patients. In this therapy, medical-grade ozone is used it’s a mixture of oxygen and ozone. Experts are already warning of a possible third wave after the festival season is over in India. During such time of uncertainty, the therapy can become a better savior for COVID19 patients.

In this therapy, medical-grade ozone is introduced in the body intravenously. Medical-grade ozone helps to boost the immune system and thereby fight Covid infection and heal the body.

Dr. Mili Shah, President of, Ozone Forum of India in his recent statements to media said that as per clinical trial conducted in mid-2020 ozone therapy showed a recovery rate of 77% within five days and by the eighth day all the patients from the ozone group recovered. The therapy has a greater impact in controlling the infection as the patient suffers from various conditions such as circulatory disorders leading to clotting or thrombosis, headaches, lung infection, body pain, and breathlessness situations. We have given the therapy to more than 700 patients in Mumbai and Pune.

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Dr. Shah further added that the therapy is equally effective in helping post-Covid-19 regain strength and get relief from post-Covid symptoms like fatigue and breathlessness. According to some other doctors, the ozone therapy should be taken up to 10 sessions in Post Covid-19 to boost immunity and gain strength.

Ozone therapy can also be useful in treating non-healing wounds and ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wound infections, chronic infections due to viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other germs. It also treats skin conditions like eczema, infections, bedsores, ulcers and is also helpful on cancer patients, arthritis, brain disorders, liver disease among many other health conditions.

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Ozone therapy in the treatment of Covid-19

  • According to the Ozone Forum of India Patients will recover within 5-8 days as proven in the trials conducted by them.
  • It can reduce the chances of recurrence of Covid-19.
  • Reduces stress such as breathlessness, tiredness, weakness, lung strengthening, and clotting.

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