Pakistan captain Babar Azam says pre-season camp in Kakul was crucial for strengthening team bonding

Pakistan skipper Babar Azam credited the pre-season camp at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul for enhancing team bonding and making the players “better, fitter, and mentally tougher athletes.” The camp, from March 26 to April 6, focused on physical and mental strength under the guidance of Pakistan Army experts.

Azam highlighted the shift in focus from cricket-centric activities to physical conditioning, teamwork, and mental resilience. The camp included team-building activities, confidence-building exercises, and shared room arrangements to deepen connections among team members, aiming to improve overall performance in upcoming fixtures.

With 29 cricketers attending the camp, including players like Imad Wasim and Shadab Khan, Azam emphasized the value of the camp in mitigating injury risks, enhancing individual skills, and boosting collective team performance. The camp also aimed to strengthen team bonding, which Wasim believed would play a significant role in their future performances.

The experience at Kakul, known for its high altitude, provided unique training methods to improve speed and endurance. The Pakistan team is gearing up for upcoming T20 fixtures against New Zealand, Ireland, and England, along with a highly anticipated clash against arch-rivals India at the Men’s T20 World Cup on June 9 at Eisenhower Park Stadium in New York.

Overall, the players expressed gratitude for the opportunity to train at Kakul and acknowledged the exceptional care and treatment received during the camp, emphasizing the valuable insights gained and the growth experienced by the team members. The rigorous training sessions and focus on team bonding are expected to benefit the Pakistan cricket team in their future endeavors.


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