Paper Bag Day 2021: Date, History, Significance, and Facts

Every Year, Paper Bag Day is celebrated worldwide to create awareness among people about, how using plastic is harming our natural environment. A Plastic bag takes 100-150 years to decompose fully. The day also aims to create awareness about, how using Paper Bags instead of plastic is the best option to protect our environment. Paper Bags are made up of biodegradable and renewable components. That’s why there is no doubt that, using Paper Bags are far better than using pastic bags to conserve our planet for our Future Generations. Let us give you more information about Paper Bag Day Date in 2021, History, Significance, Facts and More.

Paper Bag Day 2021 Date

The day is celebrated every year on 12 July. And like past years, this year also the day will be celebrated on the same date.

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History, and Significance

American inventor Francis Wolle is credited with patenting the first paper bag machine in 1852. “Mother of the grocery bagMargaret E Knight created square, flat bottom bags in 1870, and she created a machine that folded plastic and glued them into bags. After this, there were demonstrations around the world demanding a ban on plastic and people also understood this.

So, now millions of people have started using paper bags instead of plastic. Which can be reused as well as recycled. Paper Bags are biodegradable and Reusable, they can carry a lot of weight and they are also easy to handle.

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Paper Bag Day 2021 Facts

  • Paper Bags are safe for pets, other animals.
  • Paper bags can also be used to make compost.
  • A paper bag can hold up to 10-14 items and is very sturdy.
  • It takes less energy to make a paper bag than a plastic bag.
  • Paper bags are 100% recyclable and decompose within just a month.

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