Papua New Guinea Landslide: Over 2000 Deaths, 1000 Missing in Catastrophe

On May 27, Papua New Guinea informed the U.N. that over 2,000 individuals had lost their lives in a massive landslide that occurred in a remote village.

Papua New Guinea’s national disaster center informed the UN office that, ‘The landslide buried more than 2,000 people alive and caused major destruction.’

On Friday morning, a remote hillside village in the Enga province was almost completely wiped out.

Part of Mount Mungalo also collapsed in the wee hours of Friday, resulting in people sleeping inside the houses getting buried.

A report by the BBC states that prior to this terrible incident, more than 3,800 people were residing in the village. A local leader who visited the site said that the villagers were feeling left alone and deserted.

The disaster office added that ‘the landslide caused major destruction to buildings, food gardens, and had a major impact on the economic lifeline of the country.’

Moreover, the major highway that leads to the Porgera Mine was also completely blocked.

U.N. officials received the affected country’s letter on Monday morning.

Papua New Guinea Asks for Help

The situation is quite unstable in the country. The landslip is continuing to shift slowly. This poses threats not only to the residents but also to the survivors and rescue teams.

The rescue teams used bare hands and shovels to retrieve dead bodies and save lives. As per the community leader, at this pace, it will take days to rescue the people and the bodies.

Thus, the catastrophe required prompt collaborative efforts from all players, including regional and national responders and the army.

As the site is blocked and heavily covered, it poses tougher challenges for the additional rescuers to recover people. In this horrible situation, the residents are constantly asking for help from the government.

The country called on the U.N. to extend the news of the latest situation to international friends and development partners of Papua New Guinea.

A police official reported that army personnel had arrived at the location. They are trying hard to remove big rocks to free the trapped ones.

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