Parameters to focus upon when comparing credit cards by referring to reviews

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Nowadays, online reviews are essential tools for buyers to make well-informed decisions about anything they buy, including the selection of credit cards. On going through comprehensive reviews of credit cards, some of which also provide ratings, make choosing a credit card easy.

David Lampsen’s Review allows you to select the credit card that fits within your selection criteria and helps to meet your financial goals while giving opportunities for improving your credit score. Reviews are helpful to cut through hundreds of credit card companies offering many more hundreds of types of products. Users can refer to reviews to make well-informed decisions that best serve their interests. 

Since the reviews use a template of standard features, it becomes easy to compare different credit card companies’ offerings. Although the reviews contain a long list of credit card features, you can focus on the few that matter to you most. It will cut short the elaborate exercise and save time while ensuring that you pick the card matching your needs.

Here are some credit card features that you will commonly find in the reviews.


Credit card interest is high and variable. Credit card companies add a margin to the Prime Rate index to arrive at the interest rate chargeable to users. The margin can vary between credit card companies, but the credit card interest hovers around 17% on average. The actual risk of using credit cards without any discretion or discipline arises from the interest that often prevents users from making full payments every month to settle bills. The balance carried forward attracts more interest and can become a noose on users’ neck that tightens gradually.


Fees can be one of the most confusing elements in the credit card offerings because although fair trade practices stipulate full declaration of the fees, some credit card companies use sly tactics of suppressing it partially, which are known as hidden charges. Be careful to identify the hidden costs that can catch you unaware because most of these are in the fine print that many fail to grasp or overlook. Some cards may not charge any annual fees but have some other means of recovering the cost you must be careful about. There might be additional fees like balance transfer fees and fees for foreign transactions.


Credit card rewards are attractive and one of the most potent marketing tools for credit card companies. However, it isn’t easy to figure out the actual gains because of too many variables involved in earning and redeeming the rewards.  Rewards can be the form of currencies, miles, cash back, and points. Cashback is the most common reward that is often a percentage of the spending on specific categories of items, while some cards allow a flat percentage on all kinds of spending. However, comparing the rewards of various cards can be a very complex exercise, and it is better to base your decision on the reviews.

Also, customer support and the platform’s security are the other vital considerations during selection. Buy resume(购买简历) that helps in getting job.

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