Paras Mhambrey praises Shami and Kohli’s ability to handle pressure

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) – India men’s bowling coach Paras Mhambrey praised Virat Kohli and Mohammed Shami for their ability to absorb pressure and deliver in crucial moments. Despite their differences in body language and approach, both players excel in their roles and contribute to the team’s success.

Speaking at the launch of the book “Goats Must Be Crazy” at IISM, Mumbai, Mhambrey highlighted the contrasting styles of Kohli and Shami. He stated, “Both of them are completely different in terms of body language and mental approach. Apart from the mental built, Virat is very aggressive on the face all the time. But if you see Shami, he’s completely in contrast – you will see a lot more bowlers being pumped out in celebrating after taking a wicket.”

Mhambrey emphasized the importance of knowing oneself and understanding one’s role within the team. He explained, “In appearance, Shami would look like a laidback character, but understands his game extremely well in-and-out… they understand their roles and themselves very well, and how to use their skill in a very different way.”

The coach also commended Kohli’s work ethic and how it has influenced younger cricketers in the team. Mhambrey said, “To be able to see the work put in by Virat day in and day out is an eye opener. You see youngsters talking to him and trying to learn from him. It gives everyone a fantastic insight into how he prepares.”

When discussing the progression of young fast-bowlers like Umran Malik and Mayank Yadav, Mhambrey stressed the importance of refining skills and utilizing natural abilities. He noted, “You are born with certain skills and you have to have that skill to play… you become a GOAT (greatest of all time) with the attitude you have, the work that you put in, the vision you have about yourself.”

Reflecting on his own cricketing idols, Mhambrey mentioned legendary fast-bowlers Kapil Dev and Sir Richard Hadlee as inspirations. He recalled, “For me, when I was growing up, obviously it was Kapil paaji (Kapil Dev, as an idol) – one of the finest fast-bowlers and match-winners this country has ever seen… another inspiration for me was Sir Richard Hadlee.”

In conclusion, Mhambrey emphasized the unique qualities and work ethics of players like Kohli and Shami, highlighting their impact on the team and the younger cricketers within the squad.


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