Parkinson’s Disease: The Increasing Impact on Individuals Under 50

New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) Health experts are alarmed by the increasing cases of early-onset Parkinson’s disease among people under 50. A recent study in Parkinsonism & Related Disorders reveals that India has a higher prevalence of the disease, with onset occurring almost a decade earlier compared to other countries.

Dr. Aashka Ponda of Bhailal Amin General Hospital in Vadodara notes that while age is a significant risk factor for Parkinson’s, environmental toxins, genetics, and lifestyle also play a role in triggering the disease at younger ages. Factors like pesticide exposure, air pollution, and dietary habits can intersect with genetic vulnerabilities to influence disease development.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s, like reduced movement speed, stiffness, tremors, and impaired balance, can severely impact daily activities and mobility. Patients not only deal with motor symptoms but also face non-motor manifestations such as sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, and cognitive impairments.

Dr. Aashka emphasizes that Parkinson’s does not discriminate based on age, highlighting the complex interplay of genetic factors, environmental exposures, and other health conditions in the disease’s etiology. Early detection and effective management are crucial in managing symptoms, slowing disease progression, and improving overall quality of life for patients, says Dr. Sanjay Pandey of Amrita Hospital in Faridabad.


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