PDF Password Removal: Ways to Open PDF Files with Password Restrictions

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When sharing files that compromise private data on the web, encoding them with a password usually is fundamental. File encryption is more common nowadays as it makes the document secure, which cannot be accessed by any unauthorized user. To make the PDF document safer, users often connect them with a password.

However, because of the presence of numerous PDF records, the user often fails to remember the password he has entered. Even though PDF documents come with a significant security level, there are still various approaches to unlock password-protected PDF. With that, here are some solutions to keep your file secure while still enabling specified accounts to access them. 

Make an effort to Recall Your Lost PDF Password

If you have failed to remember your PDF password and opening the PDF file is necessary, at that point, you should attempt to recall and keep in mind the secret key. Although it appears nonsensical, it generally works.

Therefore, before leaping into some other excessive strategies, make an honest effort to recollect what you may have set as the PDF document’s password. It is still possible to figure out the password since, typically, passwords are entirely based on users’ private and professional lives by the name of any entity, locations, items, and others. 

Eliminate Encrypted Password PDF via PDFBear

PDFBear, as a PDF converter, additionally helps eliminate passwords from PDF. What sets this web-based tool apart from regular converters is that it 100% offers a free trial without a feature limit. PDFBear helps eradicate restrictions like the client’s password from chosen or uploaded PDF in a fraction of seconds. 

Moreover, the tool demands that individual PDFs be downloaded over the internet after successful unlocking. Then all materials from unlocked PDF files can be printed or copied easily. PDFBear furnishes clients with a robust set of essential features to make everyday work with PDF documents intuitive and straightforward. So how does PDFBear unlock PDF?

  1. To use this web-based application, visit the PDFBear website. On the website, press Tools on the tab’s left-hand corner and select the Unlock PDF button.
  2. Pick the PDF files on the Select Files button, choose the file you wish to unlock the password from your desktop or laptop, and drop it into the toolbox.
  3. Now, type the password of your PDF document.
  4. Decrypting your documents online will be finalized within a fraction of seconds. 
  5. Save and download your newly-decrypted, high-quality PDF file on your local desktop or save it to Dropbox or Google Drive. If you need to unlock a new file, click on the bear logo button on the menu’s left corner tab, and you will see the Unlock PDF sign on the right bottom end of the feature’s choices.  

Upsides and Downsides of Adding a Password to PDF Files

There are several benefits or advantages over the drawbacks of adding a password to the PDF file. It may be exceptionally helpful in controlling the access; however, it could make an issue if you fail to remember the password. How about we look at the different advantages and disadvantages of securing a PDF document.

Upsides of PDF Password

  • A password can be added effectively to any PDF at the hour of making the document. In this way, it is the easiest method of securing the document information.
  • It is difficult to crack passwords made from strong combinations.
  • PDF is more secure with two forms of password protection. 

Downsides of PDF Password

  • For the most part, passwords are shared alongside the PDF, or the odds of getting them taken are high.
  • It is doubtful to discover who has earned the password if the PDF was opened offline by someone.
  • Simple passwords can be broken effectively by anybody having a PDF document. 


Subsequently, if you have the password for the locked PDF file, at that point, you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is open the document and type the password. Yet, the circumstance gets convoluted when you can’t recall the password. For this situation, you can open the forgotten PDF password by utilizing a free converter online.

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