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Top Online Tools: A Full Guide in Using PDFBear’s Converter

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Why do people tend to use digital file formats? It’s simple; they are more comfortable to manage and organize. PDF files are one of the many file formats that a lot of us use. It is one of the most reliable and comfortable file formats to work with. A portable document format or PDF has been around for many years now, but modifying PDFs has always been a challenge.

Now, we are lucky to have the help of technology that makes things easier for us. Through the years, many tools and resources have emerged that we can use for all of your PDF needs. Some of these tools you have to purchase would cost you hundreds of dollars, but now we have PDFBear, an online PDF converter tool that you can use for free!

Why Choose PDFBear to Convert your Files?

PDFBear is a free online converter tool that you can use for free. You can convert from any file format to PDF or convert PDF files to any file format. Some of the functions you can do are convert PPT to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF. PDFBear can also deliver exceptional results when converting your files with them.

You can also convert PDF files to any file formats by just using PDFBear’s converter tool. The best thing about it is that you only have to follow four simple steps to do a conversion. They always make sure that their users are well guided when using their tools. It helps in having a hassle-free process when converting files. Here are the four steps in converting your files with PDFBear:

Conversion Process Step No. 1

You have to choose and upload the file you want to convert to PDFBear’s website. There are multiple ways on how to import your file to the website. The first option that you can use is by clicking on the button that says Select Files on the screen, which lets you choose the file to be uploaded. The next option would be dragging the file from your computer going to PDFBear’s website.

Conversion Process Step No. 2

Once the file has been successfully uploaded, PDFBear’s system will scan and analyze your file prior to converting it. This step would only take less than five seconds to finish. Click on the Convert button to initiate the conversion process. The tool will now then start to transform your file to your desired file format.

Conversion Process Step No. 3

The third step only involves a few seconds. It is the amount of time that you have to wait for your file to be successfully converted. Using PDFBear’s converter tool will save you a lot of time when you need a conversion done on your files. They don’t just give you an excellent result, but they also value your time.

Conversion Process Step No. 4

You will know that your file has been successfully converted when you see a download button on your screen. It indicates that you can now download the newly converted file and save it on your computer, or you can also share it on any of your cloud storage. PDFBear supports cloud systems Google Drive or Dropbox. Hence it gives its users the convenience that they need.


PDFBear is the best online tool that would solve all your PDF problems. It can do more than just converting files. It can merge and split PDF files, and it can also compress PDF files so it would be easier to share with anyone; it can also repair corrupted files without paying for any premium subscription.

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