Pearl Stone Benefits: Read To Know About Magical Astrological Effects Of Wearing Moti Ratna

According to astrology, zodiac stones have a great impact on a person’s life and luck. These gems are part of the planets present in the solar system. The special importance of pearl stone has been explained in astrology. The white and shiny pearl is compared to the moon. The pearl and Moon are in a sense much akin to one another in structure and the Moti Ratna is a panacea for anyone who is suffering the ill effects of the position of the moon in the horoscope.

Gemstones have been considered very important in astrology and it is directly related to the planets. Generally, whenever a planet in one’s horoscope gives inauspicious effects, it is advised to wear a gemstone related to that planet in astrology. If this stone has a good effect on a person, then all the problems related to that planet also disappear.

Today we are going to talk about the white pearl. The color of the pearl is white or cream color and it is the factor of the Moon. We have already explained that the Pearl Gem and Moon are synonymous with one another.

Wearing a pearl stone calms the mind and keeps the health good. We are going to tell you the benefits of wearing Pearl Stone and when and how to wear it.

Benefits Of Wearing Pearls

According to astrology, Moon’s sign is Cancer, and Jupiter’s sign is Pisces. People of both these zodiac signs are advised to wear pearls. By wearing a pearl, thoughts are controlled and the confusion of the mind starts to end. Even if a person is unhappy or dejected, he should wear a pearl.

Wearing a pearl stone is also considered very auspicious for people who get angry a lot. By wearing a pearl, the mind remains stable and anger also subsides. Pearls have a soothing effect and calm the nerves and make a hot-tempered person calm and peaceful. The problems of ailments precipitated by cold are eradicated and the flow of positive thoughts starts increasing in the mind. The very sight of the white and smooth Pearl soothes the mind and chisels away all the negativity associated with a bad temper.

By wearing a pearl, the person is blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. This strengthens the economic condition of the person. Wearing white pearls is very auspicious for those who are facing financial problems. Pearls were considered among the most precious of all gems and coveted for their beneficial effects. The treasury of the Kingdoms of the past always contained huge amounts of pearls which were traded just like a currency.

Pearls are also considered to be armor or Raksha kwacha which protects the wearer from calamities and takes upon themselves the accidents. It is often observed that the pearl cracks and it is a sign that something horrible was to happen but the pearl stone took the calamity upon itself.

Pearls originate in the oceans and the oceans contain almost every element which is present in the world. Thus, pearls contain all the positive energy of every element. Its white color personifies the purity of the soul. Deep in the body of the oyster, the pearl is born and after years of deposition of secretions from the Oyster, a pearl is born.  

Pearl’s Connection With Maa Lakshmi

According to mythological beliefs, the pearl is believed to be related to Mother Lakshmi. By wearing a pearl, the special blessings of Goddess Lakshmi are received. It is believed that wearing a round and long-shaped pearl stone brings wealth and pleases Goddess Lakshmi.

When To Wear Pearls

According to astrologers, wearing a Moti ratna ring silver on the little finger on Monday evening gives you special benefits. Astrologers tell you that if you are going to wear pearl then you should not wear onyx and garlic with it. In astrology, it is considered a faulty match.

If any member of the family remains ill, then a pearl should be worn. Wearing pearls removes negativity and positive thoughts come to the mind. Wearing a pearl removes restlessness in the mind and leads to a happy life. According to astrology, those who want to get the happiness of children should also wear pearls. Keep in mind that wear such a pearl, in the middle of which the meaning of the moon is visible in the sky.

How To Identify Real Pearl Stone

To identify whether the pearl stone is real or not, rub the moti ratna on the grains of rice. If the pearl is real, then rubbing it on rice grains increases the shine of the pearl. On the other hand, if the pearl is fake then it will reduce its shine of the pearl.

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