Petrol prices at record levels, know what are the prices of petrol and diesel in 4 metro Cities

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Petrol and diesel prices rose again on Friday. Petrol prices in the country are currently at record levels. Diesel prices are also at historically high levels except in Delhi.
According to Indian Oil Corporation, the largest oil marketing company in the domestic market, petrol in the national capital Delhi became costlier by 30 paise on Friday and its price reached Rs 86.95 per liter.

The price of diesel rose 30 paise to Rs 77.13 per liter in Delhi, which is a record level after 30 July 2020. Its price rose 32 paise to Rs 83.99 in Mumbai, 29 paise to 82.33 rupees in Chennai and 30 paise to Rs 80.71 per liter in Kolkata.

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Petrol-diesel Price

Delhi: 86.95: 77.13
Mumbai: 93.49: 83.99
Chennai: 89.39: 82.33
Kolkata: 88.30: 80.71.

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