Philippines President Commends Indian Navy for Rescuing Filipino Crew Members

President of the Philippines, Bongbong Marcos, has expressed his gratitude towards the Indian Navy and government for their swift rescue of Filipino seafarers attacked by Houthi rebels in the Gulf of Aden. Marcos aims to strengthen bilateral relations with India for mutual benefit.

The Barbados-flagged bulk carrier MV True Confidence was attacked on March 6 by Houthi rebels, prompting a quick response from the Indian Navy’s INS Kolkata. The crew members were rescued with critical medical aid provided to the injured, showcasing India’s commitment to aiding in maritime emergencies.

During his visit to the Philippines, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar was appreciated for the actions of INS Kolkata in rescuing the Filipino crew members. The discussions also touched upon the ongoing threats in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea, highlighting the importance of maritime security cooperation between the two nations.

In a joint effort to further strengthen bilateral relations, EAM Jaishankar embarked on a three-nation tour to Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. This visit follows the successful co-chairing of the fifth meeting of the Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation in New Delhi in June 2023, emphasizing shared interests in the Indo-Pacific region.

The rescue operation of MV True Confidence by INS Kolkata has not only showcased the swift response capabilities of the Indian Navy but has also reinforced the commitment of both countries to maritime security and cooperation in the region. The mutual gratitude expressed by President Bongbong Marcos highlights the importance of international collaboration in times of crisis.


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