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Photography experts share Holi advice for iPhone enthusiasts in India




Top photographers share Holi tips & tricks for iPhone lovers in India

New Delhi, March 21 (IANS) With Holi approaching, top photographers have shared tips on using the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max to capture stunning photos during the festivities. Gursimran Basra highlighted features like grid lines for framing and toggling between focal lengths.

Basra emphasized the importance of activating grid lines on the iPhone, stating that it helps in framing photographs in symmetry. He also suggested using different focal lengths to capture subjects from various angles, based on their proximity to the camera.

In addition to adjusting focal lengths, Basra mentioned the availability of portrait mode in 5x zoom, making it easier to capture colorful subjects from a distance. He advised keeping the iPhone steady while using different zoom levels for optimal results.


For capturing the vibrant and dynamic essence of Holi, experts recommend shooting videos in 4k 60 FPS. This allows for editing the footage later to achieve a cinematic look by adjusting the frame speed as needed.

Apeksha Makar, a Mumbai-based photographer, highlighted the benefits of using ProRaw mode on the iPhone 15 Pro for maximizing image quality. The stabilisation and sensor shift on the primary lens proved helpful in capturing movement during the celebrations.

Overall, utilizing features like grid lines, adjusting focal lengths, and shooting in ProRaw mode can enhance the quality of photos and videos taken on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max during festive occasions like Holi.


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