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Piche Se 2 Web Series on Rabbit app- Planning a foursome leads to deadly roads

Piche Se 2 Web Series- Lately, a new OTT platform is in the market. Rabbit app is slowly entering the mainstream audience by offering top-quality content in the erotic genre. The subscription fee is quite minimal due to which they have gathered millions of subscribers in a short period of time.  With the introduction of OTT platforms, the mode of entertainment has changed. With just one click, users can explore a wide range of content in any genre. 

Weekends are just around the corner, so many of us would be searching for the next web series that you can binge-watch all weekend long. So we bring you the Rabbit app hit web series- Piche Se 2. The series is best known for its sexually explicit scenes so viewer discretion is advised.

The plotline of the Piche Se 2 web series

The web series is quite unique and based on sexual fetish. It revolves around a group of three men enjoying their lives along with their girlfriends. All of them are sexually active and love to experiment with new things. One day all of them decide to try new things by bringing one girl and having a foursome with her. Soon their plan starts to fade away when they receive a mysterious letter from the girl leaving all of them in shock. Watch the web series on the Rabbit app to know what happens next. Will they ever be able to find out the real culprit or let the other blackmail them?

The cast of the web series

Famous bold actresses Sharanya Jit Kaur, Rajsi Verma and Aayushi Jaiswal have been cast in the leading role. All of them have crossed every limit to bring sex on screen with their performance. Make sure to check out their social media for the latest photos and videos.

Priyadarshi Shastri

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