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PM Answers Issues Highlighted By Rahul Gandhi, Questions Opposition And Congress Of Giving Fake Narratives

After the LoP Rahul Gandhi’s speech in which he made several startling charges against the BJP and the RSS, it was time for PM Narendra Modi to reply. Before his speech, Modi also addressed the National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) parliamentary party meeting after winning a third mandate to the office.

The PM took up one by one all the charges leveled against the government by Rahul Gandhi which included the ethnic turmoil in Manipur, NEET paper leak, Agniveer scheme, MSP, and the BJP culture of hate politics. Rahul Gandhi’s speech often invoked angry responses from the treasury benches which included Prime Minister Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about an ecosystem that was running against the country but neither he nor the government will be cowed down. PM recalled that when he was given the chance to lead the nation for the first time he had to face the same challenge which he is facing today. He also recalled that in 2014 the party did not have the numbers in the Rajya Sabha but it still survived and served the nation.

During his speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stopped to inform the house of the stampede in Hathras which led to the death of over 100 people. The Prime Minister also expressed grief at the loss of life and also announced ex gratia from the PM relief fund.

The Prime Minister first slammed the Congress on the 50th anniversary of the declaration of Emergency by the erstwhile Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Calling the Congress arrogant PM Modi also called the oldest party anti-Dalit and reminded Congress about Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s resignation from Nehru’s cabinet due to alleged anti-Dalit and anti-backward sentiments.

The Prime Minister also touched upon the NEET Paper leak and stated that arrests are ongoing across the nation and no culprit will be spared. He also assured that a process is being perfected to conduct examinations fairly across the country.

PM Modi also accused the opposition of spreading lies on different issues which included EVMs, the Constitution, and reservation. He also accused the Congress of spreading falsehood about Rafale, HAL, LIC, banks… and now even the Agniveer process. The Congress does not shirk from demonizing even the Army which is one of the most respected institutions of the nation.

PM Modi also criticized the Congress for fissiparous tendencies and spoke badly about the North in the South and vice versa. He also lamented the fact the Congress had ruled the nation for more than sixty years but had only spread anarchy. They even gave tickets to a person who advocated separation of a part of the country.

PM Modi made a hilarious comparison of the Congress with the character of Mausi in the movie “Sholay.” He said that the grand old party has suffered defeat for the third time but still touts it as a moral victory, the party has not won even one seat in 13 states but still considers itself a hero, the congress is in its death throes but it still gloats over the fact that it is still breathing.

He also reminded the house that Rahul Gandhi is out on bail in a corruption case, he stands convicted of insulting the OBC community, and facing multiple defamation cases. He also joked that the party has obtained 99 marks but it is from a total of 543 and not 100.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also accused the party of promoting divisive forces openly. He also pointed out the fact that Congress is actively supporting groups that have openly threatened to incite unrest and chaos if their desired outcomes were not met, with plans to disrupt peace on June 4th. He also said that the INDIA alliance is celebrating the false narrative that it has defeated the NDA. The Congress he claimed has not crossed the 100 mark for the third time in a row.

PM attacks Congress, says they should have accepted defeat and also said that before 2014 the adage was often repeated: “Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta” (Nothing can happen in this country). However this narrative has changed and the nation voted the NDA to usher in a new era of change and hope.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said,

“In the last 10 years, my government has achieved numerous successes, but one standout achievement was pulling the country out of despair and instilling hope and self-confidence. People who used to doubt the country’s potential before 2014 are now saying that everything is possible here. We have worked to instill this confidence.”

Finally, Modi concluded by saying that the nation has given the NDA a mandate for the third time in a row. The NDA has also scored unprecedented success in 4 state polls as well. The nation has voted for stability and continuity, according to PM.

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