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PM Modi Bestowed Russia’s Highest Civilian Honor, Order Of St Andrew The Apostle

The relations between Russia and earlier the Soviet Union have always been cordial and this has been one of the key cornerstones of the Indian Foreign policy which has remained unchanged since the 1950s.

Keeping in lieu with this Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on his first foreign trip to Russia once again hammering home the fact that despite the honeymoon with the West India will not sacrifice its close friendship with Russia.

Russia is also bending backward and felicitating Narendra Modi on his first visit to a foreign nation after winning a third term as the Prime Minister and it has conferred Russia’s highest civilian honor, Order of St Andrew the Apostle to PM Modi.

The award of Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called dates back to antiquity to the times of Tsar Peter the Great in 1698 and is awarded to individuals who have contributed for the welfare and well-being of Russia.

The award is named after Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Russia and the first apostle of Jesus.

By bestowing the honor to PM Modi, Russia is recognizing the pivotal role that the Indian PM has played in boosting the strategic partnership and fostering friendly ties between India and Russia.

Modi expressed his gratitude in a post on social media and said,

 “Honored to receive the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle. I dedicate it to the people of India….I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you (President Putin) for honoring me with Russia’s highest (civilian) award. This honor is not just mine, this is the honor of 140 crore Indians. This is the honor of the centuries-old deep friendship and mutual trust between India and Russia.”

PM Modi also emphasized the relationship between India and Russia is crucial not only to one another but the entire world. PM Modi’s visit is also important because it is his first trip to a foreign nation after winning the elections. In the past two terms, PM Modi had always given more importance to the neighbors of India but this time he preferred to Visit Russia.

The timing of the visit is also important because the US is hosting a summit of NATO countries to finalize more military aid to Ukraine. Modi’s visit is a statement from India that it will not blindly follow the dictates of the West and distance itself from Russia.

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