PM Modi’s attack on Opposition, said- CAA, confusion is spreading about Agriculture Bill

Addressing party workers through a video conference on the occasion of BJP's 41st Foundation Day, the Prime Minister said that some parties and organizations mislead people by showing 'imaginary fears' such as loss of farmers' land, abolition of reservation, abolition of citizenship. Live.

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PM Modi on Tuesday accused the opposition parties of hatching a conspiracy to spread ‘confusion and rumors’ against his government in order to create ‘political instability in the country and said that such efforts would make the country There will be damage in the long run.

Addressing party workers through a video conference on the occasion of BJP’s 41st Foundation Day, PM Modi said that some parties and organizations mislead people by showing ‘imaginary fears’ such as loss of farmers’ land, abolition of reservation, abolition of citizenship. Live. Describing this as a ‘serious challenge’, he urged BJP workers to go out among the public and conduct awareness campaigns to expose these conspiracies.

He said, “A chain of sorts has started today … A new type of array of pamphlets has come into public life. Wrong discussions are made today. Sometimes with the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act), sometimes with agricultural laws and sometimes with labor laws. “The PM Modi said,” There is a well-thought politics behind it. This is a big conspiracy. It means creating political instability in the country. Therefore, various rumors are spread in the country, confusion is spread, lies are spread. The imaginary illusion would have been created. ‘

He said, ‘Sometimes it is said that the constitution will be changed, sometimes it is said that reservation will be abolished, sometimes it is said that citizenship will be taken away, sometimes it is said that farmers’ land will be taken away.’ All this is a ‘blank lie’ and is spread rapidly by some people and organizations and BJP workers need to be very vigilant with them.

He said that BJP workers will have to keep going among the countrymen with a lot of knowledge and they will have to be made aware. He said, “Of the few people who create this imaginary fear, most of them are those who continue to do so because of their failure to accept defeat.” Some people do it because of their political selfishness. Some people have innate enmity with the BJP, so they do. ‘

Modi said, “These people are doing things that will harm the country for a very long time.” Therefore every BJP worker has to be vigilant. The Prime Minister said that BJP has values ​​that it reaches every person and works with full sensitivity to fulfill its needs. He said that the number of small farmers in the country is more than about 10 crores but they have never been a priority for the earlier governments.

He said, “Small farmers have been at the center of every government-related scheme of agriculture in the past years. Be it the new agricultural laws, the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi or the arrangement of farmer produce organizations. Or crop insurance scheme and ensuring more compensation at the time of disaster. ”Modi claimed that every scheme of the government related to agriculture has benefited the small farmers of the country. It is to be known that protests have been going on against the three new Central Agricultural Laws on various boundaries of Delhi for about 180 days.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister also took up the case of alleged political killings in Kerala and West Bengal and said that in such odd circumstances BJP workers face tough competition. He said, ‘Hundreds of BJP workers have sacrificed for the party. Hundreds of activists have been killed. In states like Kerala and West Bengal, our workers are threatened, they are attacked, their family is attacked. But it is the specialty of BJP workers to live and die for the country and to stick to one ideology. ”He said that on the other hand, dynasties and dynastic politics are also looking at India in the 21st century.

He said, “The local parties that stood by the local aspirations, later became either one family or one or two people parties. The result is in front. Such parties, which were wearing the mask of fake secularism, also started descending. Secularism has been interpreted to mean that schemes for only a few people. Work for a few people, policies according to vote bank. ‘

Modi claimed that the one who makes plans for everyone, who talks about the rights of all and works for all, is called communal. He said, “But the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas has started changing these definitions today.”

The Prime Minister said that during the period of Corona virus infection, not only did the country feel the work of BJP governments, but during this crisis, the country drew the blueprint of ‘New India’ and started the ‘Self-reliant India Campaign’. He said that today the self-reliant Bharat Abhiyan has become a campaign for village, poor, farmers, laborers, deprived, exploited, women and youth.

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