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PMK gains ground in TN’s Dharmapuri LS seat with new candidate

Chennai, April 15 (IANS) The political scene in Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri Lok Sabha seat is heating up with the PMK making its mark in a three-cornered fight. PMK’s candidate Sowmiya Anbumani is facing off against DMK and AIADMK candidates as the voting day approaches.

Sowmiya Anbumani, wife of PMK chief Anbumani Ramadoss, has shaken up the election dynamics in Dharmapuri, where a showdown between DMK and AIADMK was expected. With the support of the BJP and PMK, Sowmiya is gaining ground rapidly.

In a surprise move, the DMK-led INDIA bloc replaced sitting MP S. Senthilkumar with A. Mani, a lawyer. Senthilkumar, who made controversial remarks about the BJP, is now facing stiff competition from Sowmiya and AIADMK candidate R. Ashokan, a doctor.

Despite all three candidates being from the Vanniyar community, Sowmiya seems to have an edge due to the support of PMK founder leader S. Ramadoss. The PMK and AIADMK shared the six Assembly seats in the constituency equally in the 2021 elections, setting the stage for a close contest.

The NDA has thrown its weight behind Sowmiya, promising her a cabinet berth if she is elected. The campaign, with a focus on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity and ‘Modi ki Guarantee’, has struck a chord with voters in Dharmapuri, according to local residents.

The battle for Dharmapuri Lok Sabha seat is intensifying, with Sowmiya Anbumani leading the charge for the PMK and the NDA. As the election day draws near, all eyes are on the outcome of this closely contested three-cornered fight.


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