Police Officer Sean Herman Fired After Shooting Inappropriate Videos In A Fake Pull-Over Scene

Sean Herman, who used to be a police officer in the US, has now been fired because of his act of flashing his name tag while he was shooting an adult video. Jordin and Sean planned to shoot a video in the car for their adult site.

Sean Herman Fired For Shooting Inappropriate Videos

The scene involved pulling Jordin’s car over and asking her for the documents. However, when Jordin denied having any on her, as punishment, Sean grabbed her breast and let her go.

Role-playing of any sort like this is very famous among viewers, and adult creators also tend to create content like this to attract views.

So, Sean and Jordin tried to do the same thing, thinking they would get away with it.

However, in this video, his face wasn’t shown, but the name tag on his uniform was flashed, and that’s how the law enforcement people got to know about it.

Action was taken immediately, and Sean was fired from his position in the office.

“For context, since it was me… it was a stunt and totally consensual and private property, etc… the fact they fired him is stupid,” Jordin said about Sean’s dismissal from his job. “That was one of the most outrageous, disrespectful acts that a person here could do and, by disrespectful, I mean to all the MNPD employees and this agency,”

is what the MNPD spokesperson said about this whole scenario.

This issue has caused lots of stir online.

Many people on the internet are shocked about the same as well, as Sean was fired just because his name was flashing in the video.

However, as per information, it is not known whether Herman was on the clock while the shooting was done. Just because his name was flashing in the uniform, it was assumed it was Sean himself, and then actions were taken to fire him from his job.

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