Pongal 2022 Date, History, Significance, Importance, Pooja Time, Vidhi, Samagari, and More

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The festival of Pongal is mainly known for the worship of the Sun. The festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This is the season during which rice sugarcane turmeric is grown. The first day of this 4-day long festival is called ‘Bhogi Pongal’, the second day is called ‘Surya Pongal’, the third day is called ‘Mattu Pongal’ and the fourth day is called ‘Kannam Pongal’.

Pongal 2022 Date

The festival of Pongal lasts for four days. It will be celebrated every year from January 14 to January 17. This year this day is starting from Friday and last on Monday.

Pongal 2022Date
Bhogi Festival/Thai FestivalFriday, January 14, 2022
Surya PongalSaturday, January 15, 2022
Mattu PongalSunday, January 16, 2022
Kaanum PongalMonday, January 17, 2022


Pongal is an ancient festival of the people of South India, especially the people of Tamil Nadu. If the date of this festival is estimated, then it is from the time of Sangam i.e. around 200 BC. to 300 AD. Although Pongal is celebrated as a Dravidian harvest festival, it finds mention in Sanskrit mythology as well. Historians identify the festival with the Thai United Nations and the Thai Niradal, who theorized that it was celebrated during the Sangam period. There are also some legends associated with the Pongal festival. Here are two stories of Pongal which are related to Lord Shiva and Lord Indira and Krishna.

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Significance, and Importance

Agriculture is also the essence of this festival. As of January, the major crops of Tamil Nadu are sugarcane and paddy. The bull is also worshipped on this day as he used to plough the fields and clean the fields. Therefore, after bathing the cow and the oxen, a garland of flowers is put between their horns. Colour is also applied on their heads and they are honoured by feeding them sugarcane and rice. Fairs are also held in some places. In which bull races “Makaravilakku” and various games and spectacles are organized.

The four-day festival of Pongal is also celebrated as the new year in Tamil Nadu. The festival begins on the first day of the Tamil month ‘Tai’. Indra dev and Surya are worshipped in this festival. The festival of Pongal is dedicated to prosperity. Rain, incense and agricultural commodities are worshipped for prosperity in Pongal.

Pooja Time

The first day of Pongal is on 14th January 2022. According to astrologers, the auspicious time for worshiping Pongal on the first day is at 2:12 pm.

Pooja Vidhi, and Samagari

  • On the first day of Pongal, the entire house is cleaned, after that the old stuff that comes out of the house, its ‘Bhogi’ is lit and Lord Indra is also worshiped.
  • On the second day the Sun God is worshipped. It is said that food and water are obtained only due to the light of the sun, to express gratitude towards them, kheer is specially made on this day and it is offered to the Sun God. This bhog is called Pagal, hence it is called Pongal.
  • On this day there is a law to worship Mattu i.e. bull. The bull is worshiped as Shiva’s ride as Nandi. Apart from this, gratitude is expressed towards animals on this day. Animals plays an important role in life of human for earning a living. Therefore, on this day there is a tradition of decorating cows and oxen with flower garlands.
  • On the last day of Pongal, people decorate their homes with flowers. Women make Rangoli in the courtyard and girl worship is done. Apart from this, on this day relatives, brothers, brothers and friends come home to meet each other and give warm wishes on Pongal festival.

(With our Astrologers Inputs)

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