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Poonam Kasturi, Social Entrepreneur And Founder Of Daily Dump, Popularly Known As Compostwali, Dies At 61

Poonam Kasturi, a social entrepreneur and founder of Daily Dump, is no more. Kasturi was fondly known as Compostwali for her role in revolutionizing wet waste composting and making it accessible to households across India. She was 61.

Kasturi graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, and founded the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bengaluru.

She was deeply concerned with the ever-expanding landfills in urban India, which led her to launch Daily Dump in 2006 in Bangalore.

It offered composting solutions tailored for homes and communities. Poonam’s efforts earned her the affectionate nickname “Compostwali.”

Her work gained much acclaim across the globe, and she was awarded the Schwab Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2015 and the Lexus Design Award for Design Thinking in 2018 for her efforts.

Remembering Poonam, Odette Katrak, co-founder of Beautiful Bharat, said, “Poonam’s passing during ‘International Compost Awareness Week’ adds a poignant layer to her legacy, reminding us of her dedication to environmental causes.”

Poonam Kasturi is widely credited for transforming waste management in the IT city of Bengaluru. Much of the credit for achieving this milestone can be attributed to Daily Dump, which was started by Kasturi 18 years ago to tackle the problem of organic waste accumulation.

She also appeared in an episode of Shark Tank India in 2023.

What is Daily Dump, started by Poonam Kasturi?

Daily Dump is an online platform where users can purchase composting equipment and learn about the basics of composting.

The Daily Dump organization designs and makes composters tailored for home and community use. The organization provides guidance and starter packs for anyone who wants to do composting regardless of the constraints of the size of the space.

Poonam Kasturi was a trained industrial designer and was reputed to find solutions to problems. The dumping of organic wastes in landfills has been an environmental nightmare, and Kasturi designed a solution that tackled the organic waste and converted it into profitable by-products. She was also a big proponent of the eco-friendly relationship of human beings with the earth, one another, and urban spaces.

Kasturi advocated a change in mindsets about ‘waste’ and how to cause less harm when just living.

Poonam Kasturi once said,

“The fact that home composting has become acceptable as a way to manage waste in our urban centers is one significant achievement. Your actions at home matter a lot – they all add up and are easy to do. Start now.”

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