Pope Francis Issues Apology Over Homophobic Slur, Says ‘There Is Space For Everyone’

Pope Francis on Tuesday issued an apology, which has invaded the global media headlines.

The motive behind issuing an apology is his usage of a homophobic slur last week in a closed-door meeting, reported The Guardian.

Last week, Pope Francis had a meeting with Italian bishops.

The Vatican in a statement said that,

“The pope never intended to offend or express himself in homophobic terms, and he extends his apologies to those who felt offended by the use of a term, reported by others.”

Supposedly, Pope Francis used certain offensive slurs despite being committed to celibacy.

Moreover, he presented his opposition to those casual and open homosexual men who were joining the training programs for priests in colleges. 

Pope Francis Uses Offensive Term

As per two Italian newspapers, Francis announced that in seminaries there exists too much “frociaggine.” Pope Francis used a Roman term which was offensive and can be translated to “faggotry” in english.

Pope using the offensive term immediately went viral all over social media making catchy headlines all over the world. 

Certain netizens in support of him also commented that the Pope hails from Argentina. Thus, he did not know what he was saying exactly. 

Pope Francis had the opportunity to convey his point of view on various occasions.

The statement further read,

“In the Church, there is room for everyone, everyone! Nobody is useless, nobody is superfluous, and there is space for everyone. Just as we are, all of us.”

It gave a reference to news articles.

The statement did not confirm whether the offensive term was used or not. 

According to The Independent, the secretary of LGBT Catholics Westminster Pastoral Council, Martin Pendergast said,

“Given the media frenzy that there has been around this, I think it is very significant that an apology has come so swiftly, and he clearly recognized not just that he is sorry for those who might have been hurt, but also that it was homophobic language.”

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