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Popularity and advantages of playing at live casinos

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The development of technology has had a positive impact on all industries in the world. The casino and gambling industry has not been left out, because technological progress in this area has led to significant positive changes, expanding the range of entertainment. There are other things that have influenced the popularity of gambling.

If the classic game against the computer in online casinos in India is too dull for you, it’s better for you to take a closer look at online casino games with a live dealer. Here you have the opportunity to play the most popular live casino online games as roulette, blackjack, or baccarat live online with a real dealer. As in a large casino, the dealer sits at the table, and his actions are broadcast live. It also gives an authentic casino feel like home.

Live game mode

In a casino with a live zone, each game is moderated by a real dealer, whose actions and communication are broadcast live. The player’s actions are carried out through the console on his screen, and contact with the dealer takes place through the chat window.

The associated game parameters are converted into real-time data using optical character recognition, which recognizes the submitted image material and digitizes it. Players can then interact while playing the same way as in a regular online casino game. However, the game’s outcome in the live version does not depend on a computer-controlled random number generator but the actions of a real person.

Logically, for the operator of these live online casino games, the financial costs are much higher than offering classic online games. For live games, for example, a studio room with at least one operator and a croupier.

In addition, in case of disagreement, servers and software rooms with analytical are also required. An IT professional must also be present to ensure that the game runs smoothly with the Indian casino software.

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The high financial costs associated with this live gaming operation are indeed the reason why online casinos with a live play area only offer popular games such as blackjack, baccarat, or roulette in this form. However, the variety of games on offer with the same games in the classic digital version is also clearly greater in online casinos. Implementing the same games without a live dealer is much cheaper.

The form in which online casino operators offer live games varies from provider to provider. Some operators have their transmitters for this to broadcast the actions of the dealer with the players. Instead, other online casinos in India offer live games exclusively on their website. In addition, live communication with the dealer can also be carried out via a smartphone.


All online casino providers use encryption systems to hide personal data between the online casino operator and the player’s device. In addition, the responsible companies that operate the web casino are obliged to verify the identity of customers using the KYC procedure. It also rules out rupees laundering, breach of trust, or fraud. Finally, government regulation comes into play, ensuring that the random number generators used during the game are regularly checked.

More details about live casino games:

  • The dealer and the table are broadcast as a video stream;
  • Possible exchanges with players and croupiers;
  • The possibilities are the same as in conventional casinos;
  • Optimal software guarantees; excitingly realistic gameplay – live and in real-time.

How do live casino games work?

Live casino games are a unique variation of the most famous and popular casino games. The big difference is that it is played live with a real dealer. It can be observed using video. And it conveys the atmosphere of a real casino. The big difference is that you don’t have to squeeze into a suit to play live roulette and go to the casino. Everything remains as convenient for the player as in an online casino.

Many loyal players state that they prefer real-time games to be classic and rather impersonal online games, as they trust the actions of a real dealer more than a digital random number generator. However, it must be said that it does not matter. The government controls both the dealer and the random number generator. Therefore, who plays for real rupees at an online casino and chooses a reputable provider is safe with every play option.

The most crucial live dealer games, their features, and what to look for

Dealers in live games must first of all be experienced and competent. They are also usually very friendly and charming. In addition, one should also check which provider the live casino providers are working with when offering live games. Finally, in addition to the appropriate environment and a thriving casino atmosphere, attention should be paid to technical issues, namely the stability and quality of live broadcasts.

In addition, the particular features or unique advantages of the respective online casino providers in terms of the live casino area should be highlighted.

Most online casinos only have classic live casino games such as blackjack, roulette, Russian online poker, and baccarat in their portfolio, with a few options. Due to their popularity, these classic games are also an integral part of live online gaming and currently make up the majority of the offerings of most web casino operators. Nowadays, however, you may see new variations of these classic games emerge, or there are also brand new casino games such as Three Card Poker, Casino Hold’em, or Sic Bo.

It means that if you want to play at an online casino these days, you have a great choice.

What makes live play different?

In most cases, when you sit down at your table during a live casino game, you will be greeted in person by the appropriate croupiers or cashiers of the game. You can then also use the chat window on the console to talk to the right dealer at the table. It can also respond via a microphone in real-time. Then you also know that the game is live and that nothing but a loop has been recorded beforehand. In addition, in card games, you can also see how the dealer shuffles the cards in real-time.

In live roulette, the ball spins and falls into one of the compartments. This feeling of the game is unrepeatable and provides a reliable and sophisticated casino atmosphere. As a rule, the croupiers are very friendly and very professional.

Most of India’s online casino providers have also invested in croupier training because they are now the frontmen for the most famous and popular live casino providers. In addition, most dealers speak at least English, and with the current boom in this country, there are also Hindi-speaking dealers.

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