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Port of Oakland Fire: Black Fumes and Smoke Invaded the Sky

A scary fire had engulfed the Port of Oakland on Sunday afternoon.

Since the news of the fire broke out, images and pictures of this terrifying incident made media headlines and started circulating all over the social media platforms. 

The fumes of the fire were also visible from distance. 

Black Fumes Due To Fire Reported At The Port Of Oakland On Sunday

The news was first reported by an X user, Eric Widera, MD (@EWidera). He posted an image of terrific fumes and smoke being visible from the Giants Game. The fire was so intense that the entire San Fransisco Bay’s air was surrounded by black smoke on May 12. 

Citizens witnessed the incident clearly and could spot the black fumes in the waters as well.

Until now, no confirmed updates regarding the real cause of the fire have been discovered. The Oakland Fire Department’s officials stated that a “lithium battery” might be the reason behind the incident taking place. 

Robert Bernard, a representative of the Oakland Fire Department, stated that the situation was taken into their control by 3:45 pm.

Updates On The Reason

According to San Francisco Chronicle, a spokesperson stated that, “the Mercury News showed how a small fire was the reason behind the horrible and massive spread of fumes.”

On Sunday, a stack of lithium batteries caught fire in the middle of the day. Thus, it ignites the fire inside the lithium battery facility. 

However, authorities added that “there is no risk to surrounding structures from the tiny fire.”

One fire engine was deployed at the site for extinguishing flames if any with water. 

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