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Premanand Maharaja vs Pradeep Mishra Controversy: Background and Rejoinders on the Radha Rani Controversy

A huge controversy has erupted between Brijwasis and Pradeep Mishra over an account given by the religious saint of the Radha Rani episode.

Pradeep Mishra’s account has enraged the residents of Braj, who consider Radha Rani as their Mother Goddess.

Well-known saint and religious scholar Premanand Maharaj has even said that for his actions, Pradeep Mishra will go to Narak, or hell.

Premanand Maharaja added that learning a few slokas does not qualify any person as a religious saint.

A complaint has also been lodged against the religious speaker at the Mathura Police Station.

However, Pradeep Mishra has clarified that whatever he has said is based on religious scriptures.

He also added that he is ready to furnish proof to anyone who doubts his version of the episode and is welcome to Kubershwar Dham.

The controversy started when Pradeep Mishra in a discourse said that the husband of Radha was Anaya Ghosh, her mother-in-law was Jatila, and her sister-in-law’s name was Kutila.

Radha was married in Chata, and Radha never belonged to Barsana.

Radha’s father had a court in Barsana and Radha would visit him only once a year.

Pradeep’s version irked many in the Brij region of UP, and prominent saint Premanand Maharaja derided Pradeep Mishra’s version as untrue.

Premanand Maharaja also added that if Pradeep Mishra had unsavory words for him, it was another matter. However, he will not be permitted to say anything against our revered Goddesses, our religion, or our beliefs.

Pradeep Mishra added if anyone is prejudiced against him, he will be providing proof all his life, but it will be insufficient.

He compared it to Mata Seeta, who continued to give agnipariksha all her life but people were never satisfied. I had given an oath to my mother that I would never say anything contrary to what is given in the scriptures when I joined the Vyas Peeth.

However, Pradeep Mishra also added that he has the highest regard for the saints of Vrindavan and Premanand Maharaj.

If Premanand Maharaj is angered by any of my views, he could have just called me and I would have rushed to meet him. I am also blessed that Premanand Maharaj has uttered my name, and I feel grateful for this respect.

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