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Pressure on Siddaramaiah to secure wins for Congress candidates in LS polls from home base

In a bid to secure victories for Congress candidates in the Mysuru-Kodagu and Chamarajanagar Lok Sabha constituencies, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is facing tough competition from the BJP. Siddaramaiah is leaving no stone unturned, campaigning vigorously to ensure the success of his party in the upcoming elections.

Siddaramaiah has been actively campaigning for Congress candidates in both constituencies, with his son Yathindra Siddaramaiah also playing a significant role in the electioneering process. The pressure is on the Chief Minister to deliver positive results and demonstrate his leadership in his home turf.

The stakes are high as the BJP has fielded strong candidates against the Congress in both seats. In Mysuru-Kodagu, the BJP’s decision to nominate the royal scion Yaduveer Wadiyar has added an interesting dynamic to the electoral battle. Siddaramaiah, despite his past conflicts with the Mysuru royal family, has refrained from making direct comments on Wadiyar.

Political observers note that Siddaramaiah is cautious of the Vokkaliga vote bank in Mysuru-Kodagu constituency, as a strong polarization of community votes could impact the election outcome. The Chief Minister is working on garnering support from various communities, including Dalits, OBCs, and Muslims, to strengthen the Congress’s position in the region.

In Chamarajanagar, considered a Congress stronghold due to its predominantly oppressed class voters, Siddaramaiah is optimistic about securing a win for the party. With a significant number of Dalit, ST, and Kuruba community voters in the constituency, the Chief Minister is banking on the party’s past performance and support base to emerge victorious.

Siddaramaiah, addressing a gathering in Chamarajanagar, criticized the BJP and JD(S) for joining forces to challenge the Congress party. He highlighted the accomplishments of the Congress in the previous elections and stressed the importance of maintaining the party’s stronghold in the region.

As the election day approaches, all eyes are on Siddaramaiah to deliver favorable results for the Congress in Mysuru-Kodagu and Chamarajanagar. The Chief Minister’s ability to navigate through the electoral challenges and secure victories in his home turf will be a crucial test of his leadership and political acumen.


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