20 Primeshots Web Series To Watch With Friends (2023)

Best Primeshots web series: Primeshots has a catalog of very entertaining web series to check out. If you’re searching to watch something fresh and new Primeshot is there to swoop you out of that trouble. We have made a list of the 20 best Primeshots web series for you to watch and enjoy with your friends or alone. Happy watching!

20 Primeshots Web Series:

1. Kunwara

Kunwar, a young man, is attempting to give up his virginity. He attempts everything, from hookup bars to dating apps, but nothing works. Then he makes the decision to employ a prostitute. Will he be satisfied with it, though?

Primeshots Web Series

2. Mrs. Teacher

A young woman named Mrs. Teacher accepts a teaching position at a prestigious institution. She quickly becomes enmeshed in the complex relationships between her students, their parents, and other teachers.

Mrs Teacher - Primeshots Web Series

3. Dil Do

In the romance drama Dil Do, two people who come from rather distinct socioeconomic backgrounds fall in love. She comes from a low-income household, while he does.

Dil Do - Primeshots Web Series

4. Shukranu

A young woman named Shukranu is looking for her life’s meaning. She has artistic skills but struggles with anxiety and sadness.

Shukranu Web Series on Primeshots Web Series

5. Tapa Tap

A dance group formed by a few buddies. Even though they are all quite different from one another, they are all dancing enthusiasts. They encounter numerous obstacles along the way, but they refuse to give up on their goals.

6. Jhol

In this Primeshots web series, A bunch of friends launched a food delivery service. All of them have a strong passion for food and are driven to succeed in business. They quickly learn, though, that running a business is harder than it first appears.


7. Siyapa

The dramatic Primeshots web series “Siyapa” centers on a young woman caught up in a love triangle with two guys from quite different socioeconomic classes. Her love for both people is split equally in her heart, causing her to feel torn inside.

8. Seal 3

In this Primeshots web series, A group of friends are involved in a dangerous battle for survival in the thrilling drama Seal. They must find a way off the isolated island where they are stranded before it’s too late.

Seal 3

9. Blue Tick

A young woman who becomes hooked on getting a blue verification badge on her social media page is the subject of the gripping thriller Blue Tick.

10. Jaanlewa Pyaar

They are prohibited from being together, yet they are adamant about it. Despite the difficulties they confront, they are prepared to give their lives for their love.

Jaanlewa Pyaar

11. Farzi Kaka

In the comedy Primeshots web series Farzi Kaka, a man pretends to be wealthy and a successful businessman in order to win over the parents of his lover.

12. Seal 2

The sequel to the gripping thriller Seal is titled Seal 2. The friends are still stuck on the isolated island, desperately looking for a way out. But they rapidly learn that they don’t live on the island alone.

Seal 2

13. Girlfriend

Despite the fact that they are completely different from one another, they are in love. Although their relationship is fraught with difficulties, they are committed to making it work.


14. Family Strokes 2

The narrative of the Primeshots web series centers around an abusive family. Although the series is immensely controversial it is also very well-liked.

15. Necklace

In the thriller Necklace, a woman is being threatened with bribery using a necklace that she stole. Before the blackmailer discovers her truth, she needs to figure out how to get the jewelry back.

16. Gilli Jhilli

Despite how much they differ from one another, they are all seeking the same thing. Although they experience several obstacles along the way, they never give up on their goals.

17. Ashleel

Avni is attempting to accept her sexuality. She finds herself drawn to both men and women, and she finds it difficult to comprehend her emotions.


18. Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhana

Rahul, a young man, is devoted to Anjali and wants to earn her love. He decides to perfect the art of applying henna to make a lasting impression after learning about her love for the henna work.

19. Surprise

After encountering a number of humorous scenarios, the couple comes to the conclusion that the finest surprises are the ones you don’t anticipate.

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20. Sinner Love

Anjali, a young woman, is looking for love in a world where evil exists. She enters a string of unhealthy relationships because she is drawn to men who are bad for her.

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