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10 Priya Gamre Web Series, Age, Husband, Net Worth, and Instagram Posts

Actress and model Priya Gamre is well-known for her roles in TV shows, Hindi, Marathi, and Bhojpuri films, as well as web series. She made her acting debut in the 2009 film “1 Nvra 3 Byka,” and since then, she has appeared in a lot of films and TV shows.

Priya Gamre is currently in the spotlight due to her work in a fantasy web series or can be said mainly for her collaborations with the popular OTT Platform Ullu. In this article, we’re going to count down 10 of Priya Gamre’s best web series, but before we dive into the pool let’s take a look at her personal life-


Priya Gamre was born on May 20, 1993, which makes her 30 years old as of now.

Net Worth

Priya Gamre’s net worth is approximately 1 crore rupees.


Priya Gamre comes from a family with a strong background. Her father served in the army, and her mother, Mavshi Gamre, took care of their home. She also has a sister named Naina Gamre.

Marital Status

Priya Gamre is currently unmarried, and there is no confirmed information about her being in a relationship with anyone at the moment

Social Media

Priya Gamre is active on Instagram. You can find her profile on Instagram under the handle @priyagamreefame.

Sizzling Instagram Posts

Priya Gamre Web Series Overview

Below mentioned are some of the best Priya Gamre web series for you to check out over the weekend and enjoy!

Web Series NameStorylineCastRelease DateOTT Platform
AnariFocuses on Bhanu Suryam, a man with mental disabilities and his mother’s concerns about his marriage. His ignorance is exploited by his friends, causing problems in his new marriage.Anita Jaiswal, Bhanu Suryam Thakur, Priya Gamre and Muskan Agarwal25 July 2023Ullu
Khalish Part 3The daughter-in-law takes it upon herself to make her mother-in-law happy, introducing her lover into the picture. The series explores their complex relationship.Aliya Naaz, Priya Gamre, Bhanu Suryam, and Abraham09 June 2023Ullu
Khalish Part 2Delves into human nature and how far people will go to achieve their desires.
Priya Gamre, Aliya Naaz, Bhanu Suryam, and Abraham
02 June 2023Ullu
KhalishThe daughter-in-law investigates the reasons behind her mother-in-law’s constant harassment and devises a plan to address the issue.
Priya Gamre, Aliya Naaz, Bhanu Suryam, and Abraham
26 May 2023Ullu
WatchmanFollows a watchman who is reluctant to accept his daydreams about women. The series explores his plans and actions.Priya Gamre and Aritaa Paul31 January 2023Ullu
Dil Do Part 2Chameli faces moral dilemmas and life takes an unexpected turn.Priya Gamre and Taniya Chatterjee20 December 2022Ullu
Dil DoChameli’s life changes when her husband becomes paralyzed, and she must manage the household on her own.Taniya Chatterjee, Priya Gamre and Vihaan Kapoor13 December 2022Ullu
Matki Part 2Bindu is unaware of Mohan’s plans to leave her, and she works to prevent him from walking away.Priya Gamre, Ankita Bhattacharya, Bhanu Surya, and Anupam Gahoi26 August 2022Ullu
ShadyantraFocuses on the delicate relationship between a brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and wife, all attracted to each other.Priya Gamre and Ruks Khandagale26 August 2022Dreams Films
Miya Biwi Aur MurderMiya and Biwi must work together as poisonings, gunshots, and dead bodies pile up.Manjari Fadnnis, Rajeev Khandelwal and Priya Gamre1 July 2022MX Player

Top 10 Priya Gamre Web Series:

1. Anari

The web series is focused on Bhanu Suryam, a young man with mental disabilities and a childlike mind, and his mother’s worries about his marriage. His ignorance is abused by his buddies, which leads to a problematic situation with his new wife.

Best Priya Gamre Web Series
Anari Web Series Poster
Cast:Anita Jaiswal
Bhanu Suryam Thakur
Muskaan Agrawal
Priya Gamre
Crew:Director: AFI

2. Khalish Part 3

The daughter-in-law makes the decision to take it upon herself to make her mother-in-law happy. She brings her lover into the picture and makes friends with her mother-in-law’s visions.

Cast:Aliya Naaz
Priya Gamre
Bhanu Suryam
Bhaumik Gaikwad

3. Khalish Part 2

The show delves into the depths of human nature and reveals the extent people will go in order to fulfill their aspirations.

Cast:Priya Gamre
Aliya Naaz
Bhanu Suryam Thakur
Crew:Director: Bhaumik Gaikwad

4. Khalish

The daughter-in-law becomes curious about the reasons for the mother-in-law’s constant harassment of her and begins to look into them. The entire story revolves around this central theme when the daughter-in-law devises a plan to deal with this issue.

Cast:Priya Gamre
Aliya Naaz
Bhanu Suryam Thakur
Crew:Director: Bhomik Gaikwad

5. Watchman

Although his friend tries to convince him, the watchman is not yet ready to accept the reality that he’s daydreaming about women. What plans does the watchman have for that?

Cast:Priya Gamre
Divyendra Singh
Vishesh Arora
Abhiraj Singh
Crew:Director: Manish Ramraj

6. Dil Do Part 2

As Chameli struggles with choosing between morality and duties, life suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

Cast:Taniya Chaterjee
BB Chauhan
Priya Gamre
Crew:Director: S. Kumar

7. Dil Do

Chameli, a young bride who moved to the city with her husband, first experiences a seamless transition. However, Chameli now has to manage the household alone after her husband suffers a workplace incident that leaves him paralyzed.

Cast:Taniya Chaterjee
Priya Gamre
Vihaan Kapoor
Crew:Director: S. Kumar

8. Matki Part 2

Bindu is oblivious to Mohan’s plans to leave her house since he is unhappy with the way she is acting. She works to keep him from walking away.

Matki part 2
Matki Part 2 Web Series Poster
Cast:Priya Gamre 
Ankita Bhattacharya 
Bhanu Surya as Mitall
Crew:Director: S.Kumar

9. Shadyantra

The main center of this Priya Gamre web series is the delicate relationship between a brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and wife. They are both attracted to one another; the wife is attracted to the brother-in-law, and the husband is drawn to the sister-in-law.

Cast:Priya Gamre
Gaurav Singh
Ruks Khandagale
Crew:Director: Rajan Johri

10. Miya Biwi Aur Murder

Miya and Biwi will need to stick together to live as people are poisoned, guns are fired, and dead bodies start piling up. Can they manage it? Or do they surrender to the night’s craziness?

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Cast:Rajeev Khandelwal
Manjari Fadnnis
Rushad Rana
Priya Gamre
Crew:Director: Sunil Manchanda


What is Priya Gamre’s age?

Priya Gamre was born on May 20, 1993, which makes her 30 years old.

Is Priya Gamre married?

No, Priya Gamre is unmarried.

What are some web series Priya Gamre has been a part of?

Priya Gamre has appeared in web series such as “Anari,” “Khalish Part 3,” “Dil Do,” “Shadyantra,” and others.

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