Priyanka Gandhi’s accusation – the UP government is hiding data related to Corona

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Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in Uttar Pradesh. Opposition parties are also blaming the state government for this condition. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, while addressing the party leaders on Wednesday, said that the UP government is messing up not only with the figures but also with the lives of the people.

Priyanka Gandhi alleges that the situation in the state is on the verge of explosive but the UP government is constantly hiding the data.

If the UP government had been conscious since the first day of the Corona epidemic, then today such days would not have been seen. In this epidemic, instead of having a better health system from day one, the government has continuously covered up the number of infections and the number of deaths.

Two-sided attack on the people of UP

In a conversation with party leaders, Priyanka Gandhi alleged that there is no system and planning on the part of the state government to control this epidemic, instead it seems that the people of UP are getting a two-way attack.

A failed, insensitive and irresponsible system of the Corona from one side and the Yogi government from the other side. All these situations have also happened due to the short-sightedness and incompetence of the government and the Chief Minister. Even then, he is only concerned about his image.

Priyanka Gandhi claimed that between 5 and 11 April, 70% of Corona cases have increased in the whole country, while in Uttar Pradesh, Corona cases increased by 281% during this period. Out of 24 million population of UP, not even one crore people have been vaccinated.

Today, the situation has become such that the queues of dead bodies have started in Lucknow, the capital of UP. There is a shortage of wood at crematoriums. The common man of the state is helpless to perform the last rites of his family in a dignified manner. People are cremating their dead loved ones in the crematoriums and cemeteries from morning till late night.

Let us know that according to the data released in UP on April 14, 20,510 new cases came out in the last 24 hours. There are 1,11,835 active infection cases in the state. There has been talk of delay in investigation, lack of kit and worse situation in hospitals from the Congress.

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