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Protest in Goa against Kejriwal’s arrest by AAP members

In a show of solidarity, AAP leaders and workers in Goa protested the arrest of party chief Arvind Kejriwal by ED. The protest in Margao saw slogans against BJP, with AAP accusing the ruling party of stifling the Opposition ahead of Lok Sabha elections. State President Amit Palekar emphasized AAP’s commitment to good governance and criticized the timing of Kejriwal’s arrest as a ploy to silence a prominent political voice.

Palekar condemned BJP’s alleged misuse of agencies like ED for political gains, stating, “ED is no longer the Enforcement Directorate, but an extended department of BJP.” He questioned the government’s silence on scams involving BJP MLAs in Goa and criticized the lack of action against them. The party vowed to continue speaking out against injustice and remain undeterred in their campaign against BJP.

Highlighting the political implications of Kejriwal’s arrest, Palekar accused PM Modi of being threatened by Kejriwal’s popularity and influence. MLA Venzy Viegas echoed these sentiments, noting that BJP’s actions were a desperate attempt to prevent Kejriwal from campaigning in crucial states. Viegas predicted that the support of thousands of AAP workers would ensure BJP’s defeat in the upcoming elections.

The AAP protest in Goa reflects growing tension between the Opposition and BJP as the Lok Sabha elections draw near. With leaders like Kejriwal facing legal challenges and accusations of political interference, the political landscape in India remains fraught with volatility and uncertainty. The vocal opposition from AAP and its supporters signals a determined stand against what they perceive as attempts to suppress dissent and manipulate the democratic process.


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