PureGym Faces Boycott Online As CEO Passes Pro-Israel Statement During An Interview

PureGym is a fitness area used by people for their fitness goals and to live a healthier life. PureGym’s CEO is receiving loads of hate and criticism online for what he said about the Israel and Gaza conflict. People are canceling their gym memberships and also asking others to do the same because of his comments on the controversial topic.

PureGym Faces Boycott Online As CEO Passes Pro-Israel Statement

Many companies are getting boycotted by people who support Gaza, like Pepsi, Lays, KFC, and more. They are getting the heat because they are supporting Israel currently. Well, so is PureGym. The CEO of PureGym recently released a statement where she stated that it should be okay for Israel to purchase weapons for their safety.

People are concerned as to how that is not okay because all they will do with the weapons is just attack Gaza and create more trouble. “I certainly think any weapons that are required for defense and the Iron Dome, I see no reason why we wouldn’t do that… As I stand at the moment, I think we should support in general the Israeli government in being able to defend themselves against,” is what the CEO revealed on air.

PureGym is now getting boycotted by people online for them to show their stand against what the CEO states.

However, the CEO, Humphrey Cobbold, also said that he is in support of Palestinian people receiving support too, but he is focusing on Israel right now as that’s what his priority is. He stated that Israel deserves as much protection from any outside source just as much as Palestine does to keep themselves safe from any attacks or so.

While canceling their subscriptions, people are also sharing their screenshots and the reasons they have listed down there to show how they disapprove of the CEO’s support for Israel in the case of mass distress.

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