Putin promises retribution for Russia terror attack, blames Ukraine

In a recent terrorist attack, 143 people were killed and several injured in a concert hall near Moscow. President Putin vowed to punish the perpetrators, stating that the gunmen were moving towards the Ukrainian border. The Islamic State claimed responsibility, but Russia has 11 suspects in custody.

President Putin emphasized the need for international cooperation in combatting terrorism, stating, “We will stand united against this common enemy, no matter where it shows its ugly head.” He called for retribution against the attackers, emphasizing the importance of unity in the face of such threats.

The Russian security agency, Federal Security Service (FSB), reported that the attackers were planning to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border after the attack. However, Kyiv denied any involvement, labeling the attack as a Russian “provocation” and accusing Moscow’s special services of being behind it. The investigation is ongoing to uncover the orchestrators of the attack.


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