Radhika Apte Nude Photo Leak: Radhika Apte was upset when the nude photo of her was leaked, did not came out of the house for 4 days

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Radhika Apte on Nude Photo Leak: Bollywood actress Radhika Apte has won everyone’s heart with her stunning performance. Every time she puts her life into the character with her best acting. Some time ago a nude photo of Radhika was leaked. After which she became a part of controversies. Radhika has talked about this video in a recent interview. He was also trolled for this nude photo.

Radhika Apte said that a nude photo leak case of her during the shooting of the film “Clean Shave”. Because of which she was trolled and it had a deep impact on her. In an interview to Grazia magazine, Radhika recalled the time when her photo was leaked. Radhika said that she was very badly affected by this incident.

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Radhika said that – when my nude photo was leaked, I was shooting for the film “Clean Shave”. I was trolled for it and it had a deep impact on me. I could not came out of the house for 4 days. Not because of the media, but my driver, watchman and stylist’s driver identified me in the picture.

Thinking more was a waste of time

Radhika said that by looking at these contrasting photos one can recognize that she was not me. I think there is nothing anyone can do for this. It should be ignorant. Everything else will be a waste of your time. When I removed the clothes for the parchment, I realized that there was nothing left to hide now.

Talking about doing nude scenes in parched, Radhika said – It was not easy. It was not easy because at that time I was fighting my body image issue, at that time it was difficult to do nude scenes. Now I can do this easily. Radhika said- I am proud of my body, shape, and size. That film was seen in many places and I was appreciated for my work. Because when you are in Bollywood, you are asked what you have to say with your body and I always say that I will not do anything with my body and face.

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