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Rahul Gandhi Gets Bail Following Surat HC Sentenced Him for 2 Years

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, was found guilty on Thursday in a criminal defamation lawsuit brought in 2019 due to his remark about the “Modi surname.” He received a two-year imprisonment from the court. The Wayanad MP, however, was granted bail right away with a Rs 15,000 bond. Rahul has been charged in connection with his alleged statement, “Why do all thieves have the same surname, Modi?”

Purnesh Modi, a politician in the BJP or Bharatiya Janata Party, a Legislator, as well as an ex-minister of Gujarat, submitted an accusation in response to Rahul Gandhi’s statement. A public gathering in Kolar, Karnataka, conducted in advance of the 2019 general elections is where Gandhi, a Lok Sabha representative from Wayanad, is believed to have commented.

The tribunal of HH Verma, The Chief Judicial Magistrate reviewed both parties’ submissions last week and set March 23 as the deadline for issuing the ruling, according to Rahul’s attorney Kirit Panwala. The Indian Criminal Code’s sections 500 and 499 (defamation) were invoked to complain. To make his testimony, Rahul Gandhi faced charges in Surat in October 2021.

Rahul Gandhi’s Lawyer: Narendra Modi Was The Real Target!

Rahul requested to file an appeal against his conviction, and the Surat court granted his request, according to Livelaw. The two-year prison sentence was interrupted for 30 days. Gujarati minister Purnesh Modi filed a lawsuit against Rahul Gandhi. After the Gujarat high court lifted the temporary halt it had placed on the hearings in March 2022 in response to the complainant’s request for Rahul Gandhi to personally participate in the case, the final statements in the case began in February 2023.

Rahul’s attorney argued on his client’s behalf that the hearing was faulty from the start since Section 202 of the CrPC’s correct legal proceeding was not implemented. Additionally, Purnesh Modi wasn’t the intended target of Rahul Gandhi’s statement, hence Narendra Modi ought to have been responsible for filing the complaint, according to Rahul Gandhi’s attorney.

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