Rain Basera web series on ULLU: Bharti Jha’s intimate scenes will leave you baffled

Rain Basera web series on ULLU: Ullu app never fails to impress us when it comes to making erotic web series with enticing love-making scenes. Every week they tend to release the latest TV shows and movies giving endless options to explore and enjoy. With the introduction of OTT platforms, the dynamic of entertainment has changed. The subscription-based platform allows users to explore a wide range of content in the erotic genre. With that said, today we are gonna be diving into the world of Rain Basera. The web series has garnered quite a fanbase because of the bold performance of the cast. Let’s start to see what the fuss is all about-  

The plotline of the Rain Basera web series

The story revolves around a young girl who earns money by selling stolen items to the general public, especially watches. Because of her business line, she has mastered the art of manipulation and can get away with any dangerous situation. Soon, she finds herself in a strange situation when the police are raiding every house in the village. Then a good stranger helps her to escape the situation. But later the man has a few demands that needs to be fulfilled. He wants to work with her in selling the stolen items. With time both start to develop feelings for each other but the story takes an interesting turn when it is revealed the woman is married. Watch the web series on the ullu app to know what happens next. 

The cast of the web series

Stunning actress Bharti Jha has been cast in the leading role. She has crossed every limit to bring sex on screen with her performance. Make sure to check out her social media handles for the latest photos and videos. 

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