Rajasthan Tourism: Perfect Time to Camp in Jaisalmer

There are many different experiences you can go through when it comes to camping in Jaisalmer. If you visit Jaisalmer then do not forget to visit the camps in Jaisalmer that are located in Sam Sand Dunes. The tents are fully facilitated and a guidebook that reveals to you the glory of the desert. A bit far away you will see off-beat camps that represent the real Jaisalmer.

The foregoing is advised many times because of confident safety & trip experience just like everyone. The Thar Desert is Inia’s biggest desert and the world’s 18th largest desert. Across five states in India are covered by the Thar desert from north to west. Most of the area is in Rajasthan only where Jaisalmer is located.

Camps in Thar Desert, Jaisalmer

All around the barren land & stars galaxy above in night gives you the whole feel of Arabian nights. As the night rises the weather becomes chilly and you have to soon assemble around the bonfire. After that, the hot tea along with snacks later got replaced by hot drinks and food. 

Research on the best time for you to visit Jaisalmer & enjoy different activities at camps in Jaisalmer. You can visit here during your vacation and enjoy the thrilling and adventurous activities. The tourists never miss the chance if they are visiting Jaisalmer to stay in the camps in Jaisalmer.

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Book your Camps in Jaisalmer

Book your resort of desert camp in Jaisalmer where you will get a comfortable stay in the heart of the desert. The procedure of booking is very easy you are just required to fill up the form online and submit it. The tour packager executive will contact you soon.

Perfect Time to Visit the Camps in Jaisalmer

At the time of winter, you can enjoy better the camps in Jaisalmer. From August to March is the best time to visit desert camps as the weather is not too hot in these months. You will experience many outdoor activities there including sightseeing, desert safari, camel ride, etc. in a pleasant temperature. Nights in the desert are cooler than days as the desert quickly gives out all the heat at night which they have absorbed in the day.

Activities in the Camps in Jaisalmer

Various enjoyable activities are there in the camps in Jaisalmer. Some of them are:-

  • Thar desert jeep safari:- If you want to take a wonderful driving experience in the desert go for a jeep safari in Thar desert which gives you a drive towards the Sam Sand Dunes and Longewala Border.
  • Thar desert camel safari:- Don’t forget to book a camel safari on your Jaisalmer camp tour. You will enjoy the desert from the heights of the camel.
  • Enjoy the folk dance of Rajasthan:- If you want to enjoy the Rajasthani culture then approach Rajasthani folk dance. In the evening time, the owner of camps in Jaisalmer organize musical night in which you will be shown the Rajasthani folk dance to represent their culture.

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Contact the best Jaisalmer tour operator and book your tickets quickly. Jaisalmer is famous for historical places like its forts, temples, desert areas, and sand dunes. The tourists experience a great trip to Jaisalmer.

They make sure your stay at Jaisalmer will become an unforgettable memory. Book your package to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the camps in Jaisalmer. You will get all these experiences at very affordable prices and you make your budget according to that. I bet this trip will be your most enjoyable and adventurous trip with the camps in Jaisalmer. Royal Adventure Tour Packages is the best option for travel purposes.

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